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L&T Info Tech Interview Experience - Coimbatore & 10 feb 2014

My L&T Infotech Experience.  (May IT Will Help You).

I had attended the interview in our college campus which took place at 10 th&11th feb '14. It is 2 day process, HINDUSTHAN COLLEGE OF ENGG AND TECH, COIMBATORE.

First day is online test, GD and essay writing.

Second day is technical HR and personnel HR.

This is my 13th interview, so be confident yourself.

First of all verification process was there, at this they have your whole data, so don't make to fool them.

Pattern -60 que, 60 minutes.  (3 section) (sectional cut off was there, be careful).

1 > Verbal (20 que).
2 > Logical (20 que).
3 > Apti (20 que).

It was not that much tough most important thing is time management.

And there was not any particular time for each section you can jump from one section to another.

After half an hour they declared the result. I think cut off was high because out of approx 300 candidate they called name of only 17 Candidates.

After that GD was there.

Group of 13 members each.

My topic of GD was "Education in India is business oriented or career provider?".

In this round also they filtered candidate.

In our group 8 were selected.

After this there was a essay writing round was there, it was not a Elimination round. Just a Formality.

Topic - "Myself_how can be a Change Maker" (Time-12 minutes).

Then they told us to leave for the day and come day after tomorrow.

Because at that day no time was there 23/Jan.

I think there were approx 2500 to 3000 total candidates were there (including 21 and 22 January) out of this there were 70 -80 Candidates were left after GD.

Now its time for Technical Round l (45 minute).

In my panel male HR was there (My life's first Technical Interview).

Tell me about yourself - Told.

A que related to IT subjects were asked, since I am a IT student - Give her the approach to proceed.

A sorting in c programming- Somehow told her.

Be prepare for all our papers.

About project - Told.

He asked me do you have any que - Asked her a general question Completed with Technical.

After one hour got the result of Technical.

Some of the candidate were eliminated in this round also.

HR Round (25 min) (My Life's first HR interview):

HR was a senior guy.

It was a stress interview.

You give answer then from answer itself cross question was there.

Asked about my hobbies, my strength.

As I have mentioned there my hobby as listening to music. He said can you sing a song. Sung a song of Aashiqui movie.

And also I mentioned my hobby as reading, question related to that.

Done with the HR.

I am so confident, even in this round also Eliminations were there. Finally in the list of 16 candidates My name was there. Same day got the "Appointment Letter".

So just want to say be calm and confident. Tell them everything with confidence and" HAVE A SMILE ON YOUR FACE".

"Every Dog Has Its Day".

That day was MINE, next is YOURS.


All the best.


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