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iGate Interview Experience - Bangalore, April 13, 2014

Hello Friends.

I would like to share my experience with you all.

My igate interview was an referral drive, it was on April 13th 2014 and reporting time was 8.30am, But I reached there by 7.15am I found almost 500 candidates standing in the queue.

Exactly at 8.30 we were allowed to enter in. Our call letters were verified, Luckily mine was in the first slot which included 400-500 candidates and we were given OMR sheet.

(Please do not make any mistake in the OMR sheet, fill it carefully because you will not be given another).

1. First round was aptitude round:

It was very easy, it included 50 Questions to be solved in 60min.

The Questions were easy but time management is more important. As the cut-off is very high, you need to answer all the questions at least more than 42-45 (appox).

(IndiaBix and R. S. Agarwal are more than sufficient).

Prepare the following topics:

P&C (1-2).
Profit & Loss (2).
Time & work (2).
SI & CI (2).
Time & Distance (2).
Mixture & Alligations (1-2).
Simple calculation (1-2).
Shares (2).
Pipes (1).
Percentage (1-2).
Train (2).
Age Problem (2).
Syllogisms (3).
Puzzles (4).
Classification of Diagrams (3).
Sequence formation (4).
Sequence correction (3).

Fill in the blanks with Prepositions like a, is, the.  (3).

Comprehension (5).
Synonyms (2).
Average (1-2).
Antonyms (3).

Just prepare basics.

After 30min the results were announced and around 60-70 were selected, I was one among them (If you clear this round, then You have cleared 75% of the interview process).

2. Technical Interview:

Soon after the results, we were taken to some other building, no time to prepare for 2nd round. I was called in, The interviewer welcomed me with a smile asked me to settle down and introduce myself, I told.

All the questions will be asked on the topics you mention in the resume, No questions were asked out of it. As I mentioned UNIX, C, C++ & Java. All the questions were on those topics like.

All the UNIX commands.

How do you copy a file from one directory to other in UNIX.

What is difference between C & C++.

What is object oriented language.

Program on factorial.

Program on palindrome sequence.

What is class.

What is Object.

Oops Concept.

What is thread.

I answered.

Finally the interviewer asked me If I had some questions for him, I asked.
Always be ready with at least one question related to igate.
After 20 min, I was called for HR round.

3. HR Interview:

The HR was very friendly, he just asked few basic HR questions like.

Tell me about yourself?
What are your objective?
Are you ready to relocate?
Are you ready for night shifts?
Are you ready to work on Sundays?
As it was election time. Few questions were on that.

That's It! :) :) :).

Be Confident and Be Honest.



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