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Hughes Placement Paper (Technical)

Huges Technical Paper Pattern 

Technical Questions: there are total 30 questions but I remember this much 

1. Which one is called family tree. 

2. virtual function and overloading 

3. DHCP protocol 

4. order of insertion and Heap sort 

5. left recursion 

6. find output: for(l=1;a<=l;a++) cout<<++a; cout < 

7. DEBUG trigger (oracle) 

8. in unrestricted session which system privilege mode is used (oracle) 

9. NEXTVAL and CURRENTVAL in sequence (Oracle) 

10. Unix system call ??like Var( ) 

11. OS 384 support which memory management 

12. Complexity to access name from the given double link list. 

13. Which WAN network is suitable for the 100Km or m. distance network. 

14. If duplicate segments , file are there in hardisk which is best for management 
a) FAT 
b) SAT 

15. stop n wait protocol is associated with which layer. 

16. find errors from the c and c++ codes. 

Aptitude Questions: 

1. Age problem 

2. Time and distance 

3. Coin 

4. direction problem 

5. (2n + 2 n-1/2 n+1 - 2n) what is gives if n = something 

6. ( 10n -1) n>1 when is divisible by 11. 

7. no divisible by 8 

8. find the missing no. when it is divisible by some no. 

9. Boat problem 

10. Average 


try to read the basic theory of probability 
1>what is fir 

2>what is irr 

3>a circuit is given u have to identfy it 
 ans clipper 

4> 6 seater bench 3men 3 women arrange them according to given condition 

5>6red boll,5 yellow boll,5 green boll,4 white boll 
2>color blind 4! 

6> In a room 50 persons some with 50+ some with 50- 
ans>can t be determind 

7>unix program 
ans c 

8>m ball n box equally distributed 
 ans m div n+1 

 a=a++ + b++ - c---a+b 
 ans a 

10>use of tpmc 

11>v.42 bis 
 ans fax protocol 

12>use of tcp/ip header 

13>what is 555 chip 

14>sin(2*pi*200t)-cos(2*pi*300t) find the frequency 

15>1 ram =256k 

More Questions : 

1) what a java interface not have ? 
 ans - instance variables 

2) what is done with java code on a web-page 
 ans - downloaded and executed on ur pc 

 3) what is the order of deleting a node from a linked list given a ptr to it 
 ans O(n) ( since u have to traverse the list to reach the prev. node) 

 3) what is RSA 

 4) how can A send a messageto B so that B knows its from A 
 ans A uses his private key so that B can use A s public key 

 5) what is the best sort in worst case 
 ans heap sort 

 6) what is the given sorting 
 ans selection ( check it ) 

 7) what can access protected memebers of a class 
 ans other classes of that program 

 8) what protocol is used by a machine to map an ip to hardware address 
 ans arp 

 9) what is the size of ipv6 
 ans 128 bits 

 10) what protocol has ping 
 ans icmp 

 11) how many keys are needed in symmetric and asymmetric crptography? 
 ans - i dont know 

 12) one on a right threaded tree 

 13) very easy k-map 
 ans i think its b) 

 14) very easy ckt 
 ans choice which has option : a&c are equivalent 

 15) what in unix doesnt have a fd 
 ans process ( this was the first ques ). 

 Regarding Hughes 
 paper they conducted two tests. Both were technical(no aptitude test). First one was compulsory for everybody. In second one could opt for electronics or computers. In all i suppose there were 50 questions. I sent a request to my classmates to send me questions whatevery they could recall. Till now only one person has responded. I am sending those questions to you.

And just before interview you were supposed to fill up a performa which they call Behavioural Test. This was to check you interpersonal skills and socialising capabilities. Questions like - would you like to be elected leaders of organising committees, do you like peoply express their agonies to you, do you wish people be close to you type questions were repeated in one and the other form. 

Interview was technical as well as personal. CGPA did count - it seems. They selected 8 people from here. BTW what s your current CGPA and what s the strength of your class. Do they come for B.Tech and M.Tech separatel as the case here is or it s all at once. 

 Questions : 

 1.If a precondition of a sub routine fails then 
 a. post condition fails as well 
b. Post condition may fail 
c. post condition is declared but now defined. 

 2. whatz the o/p of the following program 
char * a= "AabbCc"; 
void x(char *a) 

a[0] == 0 ? x(a+1):1; 
return 1; 

a. AaBbCc 
b. cCbBaA 

 3. What is DHCP used for? 

 4. There are 2protocols IP and IPX are running on top of Ethernet. Suppose a packet addressed to that ethernt card arrives, to which protocol the ethernet sends the packet?  

1. It checks the payload of the frame and finds out the protocol type and despatches it to the right protocol 

2. It fins out the protocol type that is mentioned in the ethernet frame. 

3. despatches to both the protocol 

5. What is the use of global static variable in C? 

6. In which stage of the compilation the Macro in C are converted into Iline code? (this is not the exact Qn a slight variation of it)  


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