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Hi Friends

I wrote HAL written test in hyderbad in ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION branch. There are 145 technical questions and 15 General Awareness.. Time duration was 150 min.. The very important thing for those who attended for HAL exam in Electronics communication stream is they are given most of the questions from STLD, NT, communication, Electrical Tech, CONTROL&SIGNAL SYSTEMS, and all other electronics subjects ..



1) ”INDIA is beautiful” who space scientist tell this words 
a) sunitha Williams b) A.P.J abdul kalam

2) which country has minimum WAGE LAW?

3) which JAMES BOND film officially released in china?
a) die another day b) tomorrow never dies c) casino rayol d)…

4) which country foreign revinue was $trillions?

5) if gain =50..it is in dB’s

6) Demultipexer has
a) multiple i/p’s &o/p’s    b)one i/p & multiple o/p’s
c) multiple i/p’s &one o/p’s    d)one i/p&one o/p

7) half adder has…
Ans isX-OR & AND gate

8) which device is used for storage of binary numbers
a)Registers   b)latch   c)flipflop   d)..
ans is a;

9) giving one N/W theorem statement and which N/W theorem it is?

10) problem on star to Delta conversion from N/W theory? 

11) 3-4 problems on K-map find out the expression? (sum or product)

12) Vgs=1v,FET voltage =4v then what is Vds?

13) adc=0.98, Ie=2mA find Ib&Ic?

14) which one is digital modulation?
a)pcm   b)ppm   c)pwm   d)pfm

15) integrated MOSFET is used for…compare to BJT?

16) which flip flop is called as Latch?

17) given Transmitted power, modulation index.. find out carrier power?

18) Y(s)=G(s)u(s)…in this G(s) is called as…

19) laplace transform of Differentiation?

20) F=(AB+X’Y) then F’=?
a)(AB)’+(X’Y)’ b)(A+B)(X’+Y’) 
c)…. D)(AB+X’Y)’


1 1 
C 1 1 D
a) B b)A c) C d)none

22) page memory is 
a)256 bits b)255 bits
c)256 bytes d)255 bytes

23) WAP is provided by
a)WWW B).....
it is from cellular mobile application

24) H.L.R means from cellular mobile application…

25) At high frequency which noise is generated?
a)shot noise b)impulse noise

26) problem on PINCHOFF VOLATAGE…

27) problem on Range and frequency from RADAR?

28) which IC is used for X-OR gate operation?

29) MODULATION is need for…

30) what is tree?
a) joining of 2 nodes b) joining of 2 branches
c) joining of 2 loops d)….

31) problem on CRAMMERS RULE find the values of X,Y,Z? given 3 equatoions?

32) I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6
x +1 -1 0 1 0 0
Y +1 0 -1 0 1 0
Z 0 +1 -1 0 0 1
find out branch currents?
I1=X+Y; I2=-X+Z; I3=-Y-Z; I4=?; I5=?; I6=?

Some problems on control & signals & systems, find poles & which side it is located like that…


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