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DRDO Scientist-B interview Questions - Nov 2007

Hi Friends
Many questions will be asked about your B.Tech Project

Device density on a processor/chip
Difference between computer and super computer
How the performance of a super computer is measured (in tera flops)
what is tera flop ? 
If a 2.8GHz processor is given, calculate the number of floating point calculations that it can do.
name of indigenous super coputer (PARAM, built by C-DAC)
Did DRDO make any super computer ? 

what is multi tasking

Question on Process serialization
Question on Producer consumer problem
Question on Inter Process Communication
Define critical section

Are Metal Oxide Semiconducter devices slower ? Why ?

Truth table of half adder & full adder
Question on Circular Queue
2/3 Questions on Binary search algorithm
Question in C about Strucuter & Union


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