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It is believed that they've 25 set of papers. And they distribute different papers in the same examination hall. 
Total 1 hr          ,40 marks 5 sections, 8          questions each  
 1 mark for correct, -.25 for          wrong  
1st          section         
                   /* This section is          damn ..tough, lengthy and time consuming. It is highly  recommended to leave this          section  or set aside to          last. I am quoting some part of this question so you can easily          identify  this          section..  */ 
                     It is based on recursive function 
             M(a,b,c)- L(a) is if u delete 1st element from it             whatever is left.             N(a,b,c)-L(b) is 1st element of the list.             if (a,b) &a r two lists  then M(l1,l2) is ((a,b),a).               X(a,l)=a
                 =M(a,l)               y(a,l)=l 
Based on this          they gave 8 questions were there
2nd section          
                  This          is about arrangement of dominos 
6 Dominos are given.  Also a figure created using these is also shown. But the alignment of the dominos in the figure is unknown. The question is to found out the possible alignment of the dominos.

  The          multiple choices some what look like this 
                                                                                                                                        3                                                    2          


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