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L&T infotech Interview Experience - 24th january 2014, SJCE chikkaballapur

Hello everyone, I attended L&T infotech placement in SJCE.

There were 5 rounds.

1). Aptitude.
2). GD.
3). Paragraph writing (non elimination).
4). Technical interview.
5). HR interview.

Apti was moderate. 3 sections. Quant, analytic, verbal. Asked bar graphs, blood relations, pipes cisterns, trains, probability, age problem, profit loss, partnership etc. Verbal was bit tough because of long passages & synonyms. They slctd very few in this round as there was sectional cut off.

Then GD. Topic was "is remixing of songs a good trend". Removed 3 guys from 12. Ones who spoke too much n ones who don't speak at all. So don't speak extra. Just put valid points and listen to others also.

Paragraph, topic "your personality of millenium", your idol but you can't write about any relatives. I wrote about abdul kalam. Don't make grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Then filled 3 forms. Be careful about forms because in HR they ask everything from form.

Next day Technical. My turn came at 4:30 in evening. 1st question was how will you feel if I reject you. Then asked routers, hubs, HDLC in CCN (bcoz I mentioned it in resume) , radar, antenna, satellite comm, microproc, microcon. What is opamp? He was also from EC background so he had more knowledge.

Then asked do you know any programming lang. I said I'm learning c on my own. Asked to write a program to find odd no. From gvn 5 no. S. I wrote and explained.

Then asked operators in c++, polymorphism.

Then he asked some mngmnt question also. Like how will you convince your team-mates if they are not cooperating etc.

Be confident while speaking thats all. It went on for sm 40 mins. Overall technical was good.

For me worst round was HR. He was very smart. Crossed all my answers. Again 1st question was write if I reject you. Be confident n say dt you have ability to be selected.

He asked what is HTTP, URL. Who invented c language. What are generations of computers.

Saw my marks & told me that you have never seen failure in life, you have not seen any hardship. How will you manage in real world? he wanted to see how I react. But I tried to be calm & justified myself.

He asked some simple puzzles. About form which we filled. Biggest achievements. Languages, how will you manage with tamil if we send you to chennai. I said I learnt kannada I ll learn tamil also. He asked what do you know about this company. Told whatever I read on wikipedia.

Overall they will try to confuse you with your answers. But be calm. HR went on for 45 mins. He told about package, bond etc. Then asked do you want tell something. I again gave my explanation about how I have faced hardship in life & I can manage in every situation. I asked about location of job & projects taken by the company.

As I am from ECE, they asked why I want to work in software domain. They asked this question both in tech & HR. So give a valid reason.

I lost hopes after HR round.

After 10 days they announced results and I was selected.

All the best!


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