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iGATE Interview Experience - Mumbai, 30 march 2014

This is a referral drive by iGATE, in 30th march 2014 for 2013 batch. After a lot of try I found a success through iGATE company. I share my experience & I think this will help the.

Student little bit because I got too much confident after reading the experience of many student from different sites.

First of all they call us at 8.30 am, After checking all thing they give us permission to enter into the hall for exam. The exam is on OMR sheet it contains 50 question & it contain apti, reasoning, english. All the part is really easy but it take time in apti part manage it in english passage because the passage & other english question is too easy. Time management is main factor to crack it because the cut off is too high, around 42 to 43 out of 50. In this round they take only 50 student out of 450 approx.

Than the next round is Technical & HR which are not elimination round.

In this two round just try to impress the interviewer & always be simple. They ask only easy question what is expected in any interview not any typical questions be honest in this two round to get select in this two round. After the two round we all came for that day. After 17 days in 16th april I got my result that I am selected & my joining is 23rd april 2014 in chennai. This job is mean to me too much after a long wait & I am too happy to join iGATE one of best IT company.

To crack the iGATE interview try clear the written round than it is 80% done. To clear the written round you have to manage time, try to solve all apti, reasoning question by giving it proper time because it is easy for you. Try to save time in english question mainly in passage it is too easy because you get all the answer in 1st two paragraph so read question 1st.

That's all my experience in iGATE interview. So please don't loose your hope try to give all walkins one day you get the success.



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