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Hi all I attended the drive by Huawei. I have already posted a short description about the procedure. This will explain a little more.

The process contains mainly.

1) Written Test.
2) Interviews.

Written Test.

It has 3 sections.

1) general aptitude.
2) c++/java.
3) unix.

Total 60 questions and 75 min.

No negative marks.
General aptitude.
Was almost easy except some questions. Total 20 questions.

1. A pattern with 1 1 3 27 5 ? 7 237.
Ans: 125 (cubes).

2. 3 pipes and tank. To find out the capacity of the tank.

3. Bucket and pipes. If today is Monday what will be the day after 61 days?

4. Some series.

Some questions from rs agarwal.
Find the value of a series.
Patterns like aad ccd or some thing.


Both having 20 questions each. Choose any one section. Most of the questions were for finding out the output or for finding the error.
1. Identify the correct constant declaration.

Again 20 questions. All questions were from indiabix only. So it was easy for me. Some commands only.

At 3'0 clk shortlist was published around 168 people were short listed.

Then interview were on 24th and 25th.

2 hr and 2 tech.

Tech 1.

1. What is the difference b/w character array and string.
2. Virtual memory.
3. Pgm to find the some of two matrices.
4. Single and 2d array.
5. Best descending order printing.
6. Union in c. Can struct in tree syntax be replaced with union.
7. Syntax for any query.
8. Puzzle. Draw a line and cut it into two equal parts.

Tech 2.

1. Main project.
2. Virtual memory.
3. Syntax for create table.
4. Complexity of binary search.
5. Bubble sort.
6. Single and double linked list.
7. Storage management.
8. Process.
9. Deadlock.
10. Puzzle. Find the cube diagonal for 8*8*8 cube.

HR 1.

1. Self introduction.
2. Explain your 1 day.
3. How many movies in a week.
4. Puzzles.
4. 1. Draw a square and cut it into 4 equal parts then 5.
4. 2. A ball is dropped from the top of 8 m building. It bounces back half the drop. So when it will be still how many distance would it have traveled.
4. 3. No of squares in a chess board.

HR 2.

1. Self introduction.
2. Where do you want to improve yourself and what are you doing for that.
3. Some details about the job.
4. About family.
5. Any friends in Bangalore.
6. Any questions.

So That's all. They asked us to fill a form. Then they told us that results will be out in a week. Almost half the students were rejected after the interviews I think.

I expect that this will help you for your preparations. So do well. All the best guys.


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