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 This time the company was having 100+ requirements and it was told that the written test will be containing general aptitude and C++or java or unix. 

There were about 500 candidates and the test was having 3 sections. 20 questions from aptitude 20 from C++/Java and 20 from unix.

Almost 15 questions from aptitude was easy and the rest was too complex. Java/C++ was containing find output and find error type questions. Unix section was about basic unix commands.. 168+ were short listed.

The next was interview on 24th and 25th. I got 25th. So there were 4 rounds of interviews. For me 2 tech and 2 hr. Some others got 3 tech and 1 hr. The first round was really difficult. 

Questions were from C, Data Structures, DBMS, OS, and some puzzles. The second round was also the same with Algorithms also. Puzzles were there for all 3 rounds. The HR went good. 

They told that the results will be announced within 1 week. And I am eagerly waiting or getting placed. God please bless me. And friends please pray for me.


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