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Huawei Interview Pattern - Kolkata, 10-Jan-2012

Placement paper:

Hello everyone,

It was a pool campussing..around 2000 students sat for the exam.
1st round was an online test.

1. Aptitude
2. Technical (C or Java)

40 ques in 60 mins
20 apti , 20 technical ( u hav 2 choose between C and java)

Aptitude question were very easy. Simple puzzles, blood relations, series, HCF LCM , time and work problems.

For quantitative portion solving just d solved examples of RS agarwal sufficient.
For reasoning solve from this website only.

Technical ( C or java ) ques were realy hard. dats where u hav 2 study a lot. Finding output , errors, runtym or compile tym errors among other ques.
put in a lot of effort in C or Java. just knowing the basics wont help.

Time was suffiecient. but u need 2 work very hard for technical 20 questions to clear it.
package is 4.5 lacs for freshers !!!!


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