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Infotech Enterprises - Hyderabad, November 10,2011

Hi frndz. This is santhosh. we have participated for recruitment drive by "Infotech Enterprises" on 10th Nov 2011 at our colg (MLRIT,dundigal)

The selection procedure was:
1.Aptitude n technical test(online)
2.Technical HR
3.HR personal interview

I wil try to present some of the questions from aptitude n technical.

Its an online exam.No negative marking(plus point). we have given 60questions to be finished in 60mins.

Out of 60, 30 are aptitude(little tough) and english and remaining 30 are technical(c,java,dbms,os).

All the 60questions were given in a single page. so no need to panic.

some questions from Aptitude:

1.time n work: A can work in 10days while B in 15days. If both work together they wil be given Rs.50/-. find the contribution of A.

2.Data interpretation(5questions): bar graph, easy one

3. a table given which has the details of different trains with arrival n departure times. based on the table, 5 questions were given.
  (time consuming)

4. 3 questions from Areas,volumes and surface areas. easy

5. find the sum of all the 3-digit odd nums that are divisible by 5


1. big passage, 5 questions. easy one

2. Analogy n classification like, Scurry : move :: __________ total 3 questions were given

3. fill in the blanks, easy

Technical written test:
very very easy guyz. Just basic questions form C,java, SQL and OS only for CSE/IT. 

For other streams they wil be given their Core subjects(don't know the difficulty). 

some questions are:

1. push n pop operations are done under.

2. bug means

3. garbage collection

4. in SQL, the sorting is done by which clause______
   a.SORT BY  b.Group By  c. ORDER BY

5. in SQL, WHERE clause is confined to___________
  a. colums b.rows c.both d.niether

6. which one of the following is required for "booting"
  a. compiler  b.loader  c. Operating system

7. 5 to 6 pgms for predicating the outputs, easy

                       Total 45 got selected from 250 students. 
Remember time management is very imp. for technical you can do in just 20mins. remaining 40mins allot it for aptitude. Aptitude is little tough.

       All the Best guyz.


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