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hello Friends 

I have been a silent user of this group from past 2months.I thank one and all the members of this group for extending their kind and timely help.I thank Friends madam for being the key person responsible for promoting this valuabe group. I am here with sending the Virtusa paper held on 11th feb 2004 at Hyderabad. 

section-A (5*2=10 marks)
 1.Pick out the Odd word out: 




3.101 , 101 ,107 ,119 ,137 ,_____ 

section-B (4*5=20 m)
 1.Arrange the numbers 1 to 9 in any way to obtain the sum 100.
 a)Use nos 1 to 9 in the natural order of occurance.
 b)use all the 4 operators and parathesis. 

2.There are animals like goat,sheep and cow.one goat and seven sheeps eat as much as one cow eats.Also, three goats and one cow eat as much aseleven sheeps.If there is some fodder which is sufficient for a cow for three days,then for how many days will that fodder feed the goat. 
3.There is a sphere.The volume of the sphere is (pi*theta).and the surface area is (pi*gamma).where theta and gamma are five digit numbers.find the radius of thesphere. 

section -C (15 m)
 write a brief account on the measures to be taken to against the US law of stopping outsourcing to India. 

section -D (4*10=40) 

writa a prg in any language: 

1. Wirte a function to accept a number 'n' and
 a)if n is negative then return -1.
 b)if n is postive and perfect number then return sqrt(n).
 c)if n is positive and not a perfect no. then return n(n+1)/2 

2.Write a prg to print in the format 

 2 2
 3 3 3
 4 4 4 4
 5 5 5 5 5. 

3.double fn(double z,int y)
 double a =1.0;
 if (y%2==1)
 return a;
 what does the function do an how do you eliminate the shortcomings 
 of the function. 

4.Write a prg to generate the next number (ex:143=1^2+4^2+3^2=26)repeat this sequencetillyou get 1 or 4. 

B) (15 m)

Write a prg to accept two time stamps in the given format HH:MM:SS
using apropriate datatypes and find the difference between the time stamps in seconds.


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