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iGATE Placement Paper - Bengaluru, November 13, 2013

Hi all. I attended the drive which was held at igate office in ITPL on 13 Nov. It was for people having referrals. Reporting time was 8.30am. 

Our interview call letters were verified and we were all allowed for the test. The written test was using omr sheet, test consisted logical reasoning questions, verbal and quant. 

In quant the question related to train and simple interest were there. It was okay. Neither very easy! the results of it was announced in half-an-hour. 

56 people were shortlisted outta 400+ and luckily I was shortlisted too. And then we were made to wait for the next rounds. First my HR round was taken. 

Usual questions like to introduce myself, about family, if m willing to relocate and work in shifts was asked. Then in the technical round I was asked to explain about my project, since I was from EC background no much technical was asked. 

The the interviewer gave a problem statement and asked me to ask him 5 questions assuming that he was my project manager. 

I did. But I could think of 3 questions and I asked. Then before I left he asked if I would go home and cry if I don't get selected. Both the interviewer were very friendly. And today I received my offer letter. Joining in Dec 2nd week at chennai.

I was all honest and frank and told I dunno directly if I don't know something they asked.

All the best!


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