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Selection Procedure
1. Aptitude test (Aptitude+C programs)
2. Technical interview (2 rounds)
3. HR interview

Aptitude Test
The aptitude round consist of 40 questions. 20 questions each from aptitude and C programming. The C test consisit of pointers, for loops, comma operators, etc. The time limit was 1 hr. Maths only general logical questions not much from RS aggrawal.

Technical Round
After we get through the aptitude round we hav 2 rounds of tech interview. The interview would be mainly C and C++ programming. then they would also ask questions from SQL queries, networking and OS.

C questions
1. Write a function to find th nth item from the end of a linked list in asingle pass.
2. Write a function for palindrome and factorial and explain.
3.Difference bw costant poinert and pointer to a constant.

4. int a,b
b= 1,2,3;
printf(%d,%d, &a,&b);
What is the output…

5 int i=1;
printf(%d%d%d, i, i++, ++i);
Swap the values stored in the Int variable a and b without using any temp variable.

6. questions on your projects done.

Logical puzzles
1. A man has 2 cows of total cost 200 rs. He sold them for 210. for 1 cow he had a profit of 10% and for the other he had a loss of 10%. Wat is the price of each cow.

2. There are 2 vessels of each 5 and 3 litre. Now we hav to fill a 4litre vessel at a strech using this 5 and 3 l vessel.

3. A man goes to a resturant and spents half the money he had. Before coming out of the restaurant he gives a 1$ tip. Now goes to a shop and spents half the money he is having now . as he comes out of the shop he gives a beggar a 2$. Now he goes to a temle and again spents half the money he had with him . after that he gives a beggar a 2$ . now at the end he is having a 1$ with him. how much money he had in the start.


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