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Hi Friends

I attended Huawei interview (off campus) on 22nd December 2009..
1) Technical interview
2) Technical cum apti
3) HR round

1st and 2nd are elimination rounds.. If you get thru them then HR is just for formality..

The guy who interviewed me was very cool.. He gave me a chance to select the subject I like the most.. I told operating system.. Then he started asking questions about that.. Be very confident about the concepts.. Next he took up C.. If you are very good at C its actually a plus point for this company... then he asked questions regarding data structures and all.. he also gave me a puzzle and asked to solve it.. interview lasted for 2-2.5 hrs.. They give enough time to solve every problem.. no need to hurry.. 

After this there was TECH + Apti Interview.. There they ask about few technical questions and few apti type.. They see our approach and they dont need always the perfect answer.. if we try our best they consider it.. To be confident in the whole interview is very much essential bcoz at times even though you've answered right they will ask 'are you sure' like that.. They test our confidence level..

I went thru all three rounds and finally they told I'm selected and gave me immediate joining.. I'm so happy and I thank God and my parents who guided me all thru...

I hope it helps you to get thru Huawei.. keep in mind all you need to succeed here is
1) Very good confidence level
2) good knowledge of C, data structures and a bit of computer networks..
3) lots of blessings from Almighty..

Hope it helped.. Wish you all the best... :)


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