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iGate Interview Experience - Bangalore, 16 Nov, 2013

Hello All,

I want to share my experience from igate interview in bangalore.

First they called at 8.30 in morning at their whitefield office. The place was beautiful and crowded. We got our call letters and resumes verified and sealed and were made to enter the premises.

We had our aptitude test which was to be answered in OMR sheets. The paper consisted of:

1) English - Passage, antonyms, synonyms, error correction.
2) Non verbal Reasoning- Matching the pictures etc.
3) Quantitative reasoning- Time and distance, profit and loss etc.

Then as they announced the result then and there.

We had our Technical Round.

We were asked based on our resume.

I was asked.

1) Multi threading.
2) Project.
3) Polymorphism.
4) Springs.
5) What type of language is python.

It was pretty easy round.

Next we had HR round.

The HR asked me quite different questions.

1. Last 3 presidents of India.
2. Major issues in India.
3. % of people below poverty line.
4. CM of kerala.

And all kind of confusing but was all good.

They asked me to submit my credentials and marks cards.

Hope this helps you.

:) Good Luck.


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