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L&T infotech - Bangalore 4th oct 2012

L&T had come to our campus today, and I got selected.  I would like to share my experience here.
They had d following rounds,

1. Written aptitude
2. Group discussion
3. Essay writing
4. Technical interview
5. Personal interview 

1.Aptitude consisted 90 questions 90 min, 3 sections : quantitative analysis, logical reasoning and English.
It was pretty easy, if ur through with RS Aggarwal you can clear it. No negative marking but has sectional cutoff.  Quants had ques from following topics :
AP, gp., distance and time,  data sufficiency,  the profit and loss, and some basic maths like matrix n determinants etc.
logic had syllogism, ven diagram, and mostly all logic questions. 

English had synonyms, error correction, fill in wit suitable phrase, and paragraph.
I suggest its always better to start wit English first.
Out of 200+ students 48 had cleared aptitude, and mine was the 1st name called.

2. Group discussion : Each group had 12 members, n our topic was "TV -IDIOT BOX OR KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER " just be confident, talk less n listen more. Even other groups has simple familiar topics. I cleared GD, I don't how many got eliminated.

3. Essay writing : Its not an Eliminator.  The topic was " UR UNDERSTANDING ABT LNT SO FAR ". if u hav listened to d ppt, u can easily write dis.

4. Technical : It went on for 30min,

Ti : Tell me about your min project
me :told

Ti :What s interpreter, compiler, high level language,
Me :told

Ti : Explain osi model
Me :told

Ti :give practical examples for each layer
Me :tried to tell something

He asked me more questions on networks though I hadn't written networks anywhere in my resume.
Ti :Can u write a program
me :I will try sir

Ti :Write program to find al lower case n replace wit upper case
Me :tried something

Ti :Write program to write find smallest of 1oo numbersti 
me :wrote

Ti :What s microprocessor, give MP have you studied
me :told

Ti :What s data structure, what all data types you know explain
Me :told

U just hav to be confident even if u dono d answer n make an attempt to tell even if u dono.
Very few ppl were rejected here. 

5. Hr interview :

The hr was very sweet,  n interview lasted for just 5min 

I was asked following questions :
Why didn't u clear oracle n mu sigma, 

What extra preparation you did for obtrusive you ready to sign 2yrs bond, are you ready to relocate,  

Be careful in this round as 6 people got rejected in hr round.  

Around 6pm the results were announced,  mine was the 3 name.  :)
Finally 26 people were selected. 

All the best every one,  I hope this is a useful piece of info.


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