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1. SQA is the product of which software company?

2. Stub is a Calling Component or called component or both or none?

3. Keyword Methodology?

4. V model of life cycle?

5. Quality Assurance?

6. Silk test where to change the settings in partner.ini. Or options menu?

7. texit() in WR

8. Compiled Module in WR

9. Split () returns? in Silk test Divides an input string into fields and stores them in an array Split (string, array [,field_separators]) field_separators: The characters in the string which designate where the string is to be split into fields. Each single character is used as a separator. This function returns the number of elements in the array?

10. Bug fixing takes less cost at what stage?

11. Sanity test will be done for what?

12. Regression testing will be done for what?

13. Automation testing is not used when the application is tested for?

14. White box testing types?

15. Black box testing types?

16. Validation?

  17. Can you automate an app without GUI map in WR?

18. Synchronization functions in WR?

19. Function to get value from excel sheet in DDT?

20. Where to set the default options of DDT? Ex winrun.ini or?

21. Pause()


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