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VIRTUSA PAPER Held on: 01-02-2003

2 Marks * 5 Questions = 10 Marks

1) 1, 2, 3, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3, ____ What is the next number in the series and he asked the reason also?
2) There are 4 coins, you have to arrange them in a 2 rows so that each row should have 3 coins each and
reason for that?
3) Find the odd Word out?
4) Find the odd word out?
5) In Chess Board, how many knights can u arrange so that no two knights will attack each other?
   and He explained the problem.. using mathematical positions of the knights like (x+1, y), (x+1, y+1)    
   and so on upto 8 points in which way the KNIGHT travels in the CHESS BOARD?

4 marks * 5 Questions = 20 marks
1) if  SATURN
      In this Each LETTER represents a single DIGIT.
Now you have to find atleast 3 digits. no need to find all DIGITS?

2) 1, 2, 3, 25, 50, 75, 100 using these digits once and only once with basic operators you have make 81?

3) There are 11 Huge boxes, 8 large boxes, 8 small boxes. Now there is a table first someone put 11 Huge
boxes on the table and in some of them he added 8 large boxes, and then he put small boxes in large
boxes. Finally he has left 102 boxes empty. Now How many large boxes were kept in huge boxes and small
boxes were kept in large boxes. (Just similar to this question.. not reminded clearly.. check it out..)
Ans: Key Steps:

4) He gave one series based on the last 3 letters of the SOLAR PLANET SYSTEM keeping tow of them 
blank and asked us to find them. it was very easy. 
SUN, ARS, URY, ____, .______, UTO
Ans: RTH and one another (EARTH and some thing)

5) A Problem on ROPES.. 
There were some ropes that are of different lengths and different thickness. Each can burn in 12 minutes
individually. If we are given 9 minutes as ELAPSED TIME how many ropes can be burnt in that time. (Just
Similar to this.. Check out with some other friends).

15 Marks * 1 Question = 15 Marks 

(This is the important and may be most important eliminate process in Virtusa) 
1) Write the advantages of "all the rivers linked together in India" and gave one note that this should
be published in Computer Magazine. (May be his intention is to explain the Topic using Computer Words)

10 Marks * 4 Questions = 40 Marks

(Note:  You may use language of programming to writethe following codes)
1) Write a program to print all the four digit numbers whose squares must have all the even digits.
2) Write a program to print the pyramid up to the passed integer value. 
2    3
4    5     6
7    8     9    10 
         11  12   13 . .
      If we pass the value 13 it should print like the above (no need to print the 3 dots)

3) In a certain DATABASE we had to store the TIMESTAMP for each record. Is there any way store in an
efficient way to store (Memory)? The Time stamp has the following fields. Year, Month, Date,  Hour and Minutes. 
Discuss the design such DATASTRUCTURE.

4) Write a function which takes one string S, one character X, one more Character Y which should return
the longest substring in the String S, which starts with the X and ends with Y?

15 marks * 1 Question = 15 Marks

1) For the problems like SATURN + URANUS = PLANETS (As Explained in the above) which were written in 
cryptography.  Write a program to solve such situations. The most generalized way.

All the Best Friends.
I have attended 4, 2 marks quesitons, and 3 four marks questions. and I have written the Topic basing on Internet. 
and I wrote first 3 programs and was trying to write the 4th program.

It was a little Hard for me. hope you all do well next based on this paper.


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