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Hi Friends

I m Ashutosh Gupta from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida. We had campus recruitment of HUAWEI on 28th Feb 2009. I would like to share my experienc which will help you to get throug Huawei. Total 259 students had attended written test then 59 has cleared it and finaly 12 had got placement. I m happy that I m also one among them.

1. Written,
2. Technical, 
3. HR.

WRITTEN TEST (30 questions, 30 mins)

There were 3 sets in written test; its of 3 sections namely
1. Aptitude (10 ques)
2. Technical (15 ques)
3. English (5 ques)

Questions related to age, business, and odd one out etc.

it had 15 questions. ques related to networks, basic communication, mobile comm, antenna theory, semiconductor etc. was asked..

5 ques of antonyms was asked in this section

After clearing written I enterd into Tech HR room with a smile. 1 male and 1 female interviewer was threre. They asked me to sit nd I thanked them. they asked my resume n then asked questions based my resume.

int: introduce urself.
me: answerd starting with my name, my family background, my achivements, xtra curricular activities etc.

then they asked me abt my area of intrest.. I replied, mobile communication nd optical communication

then they started wid mobile comm, like what do you know about GSM, architecture of GSM, interfaces used in GSM nd GPRS, difference among GPRS, GSM, CDMA and 3-G technology.

then they asked me about the Data communication like OSI model, TCP/IP protocol.. but I was not able to give these answers correctly and I told them that I dont have much knowledge about the data comm.

then they asked me about the optical comm, like advantages of optical comm, about optical fiber

then they started to ask me about my training. Actually I have done my training in optical network solution field. So they asked me about the optical solution and told me to draw a diagram any of the optical network solution. Then I made the dig of repeater solution... nd explained about that....

then they asked me some general questions like why you wanna join Huawei etc.

then after they told me to wait outside for the result....


10 mins after completion of my tech interview, they called me for HR. I entered in the room. there were again 2 HR persons. 1 female and 1 male interviewer. I said good evening to them and they asked me to sit.. I took the seat after thanking them.

then she asked me to tell something about myself. I answered. then she asked me vry basic questions of HR like :
• why you wanna join HUAWEI ?
• what do you know about the company ?
• what are your hobbies ?
• what about the placement offers which you already had ?
• about strenghts, about weakness,
• do you have any gal frnd or not ?
• do you know what type of job we will provide you ?
• are you ready to go for field work like BTS nd BSC installation ?


then at last she asked me that do you hav any question ? nd thats it.. 

After 3-4 hours the result was declared. Total 12 students had been selected nd by GOD's grace I was also one among them. It was the most happiest moment of my life. Becoz from the starting of my engg, I wanted to go in a telecom based company.


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