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Hi Friends

The written test contains 160 q, 20 on English, 10 on aptitude, 10 on general awareness, remaining 120 related to subject. all r multiple choice q.no -ve marking.

1. English:
mainly concentrate on "tense" and spellings, one passage is there, it is also some wht easy.

2. Aptitude:
mostly from profit and loss, trains, avg.

3. General Awareness:
1. who won the academy award in the year 2006?
2. who played the role of Gandhi in the movie Mahatma Gandhi?
3. Agni-iii was launched in which year?
4. subject:

I am from mechanical engineering. mainly the questions r frm theory of machines (Gears, Gyroscopes, Cams), Thermodynamics (second law, heat transfer), manufacturung technology. so throughly prepare all these sub. I hav cleared written.

I attended interview in Banglore on 8th dec. In interview all questions r frm basics.
first they asked which sub u like most?
I said thermodynamics.
some of the quest...
1. wht is first law?
2. wht r various types of heat transfers? wht is convectoin?
3. wht is blackbody radiation?
4. wht is absorbvity, emissivity?
5. wht is mechanism?
draw the fig of quick return mechanism?
6. some questions regarding gears?


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