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Hi Friends

here is recent Hughes paper i got hold of.

1. One question of Set Theory Like there Are two sets A and B and (A-B) union (B-A)union (A intersection B) is equivalent to 
Ans. A union B 
Union and intersection are in there sign conventions. 

2.One question of probability 
Like between 100 and 999 how many no have the prob that they does not contain  7
ans. 16/25 (not sure u can check by own) 

3. Of Newton Rapson method..
Ans. Converges to root2(check it) 

4. Of power set A set contains {(fi),a,{a,b}} what is the powerset of it 
Ans. 8 

5. A question of logic gates 
Ans. U can got the answer very easily 

6. A question on the Booths algo 
Ans. The sequence is 1010101010101010 

7. Relative addressing mode is used for 
Ans. Dont know. 

8. How many 4 input multiplexer will be used for making of an 16 pin multiplexer 
Ans. 8. 

9.For how many numbers there is no difference between little endian and big
Ans. 256 

10. For the multiplication of two 8 bit numbers how much ROM will be used 
Ans. 64k*16 ROM(Check it) 

11. Why direct mapping is not good for the mapping of Cache Memory. 
Ans. Dont know 

12. What is the main property of Desiy I/O Sytem 

13. A question on the nyquist theorem 
Ans. 18000 bps 

14. What is the shannon theorem.
Ans. Refer to data communication(Stalling) book 

15. CSMA/CD protocol is used in 
Ans. Ethernet 

16. What is the limitation of the Pulse Code Modulation 
Ans. Refer to data communication book 

17. In CSMA/CD 
Ans. The Access to the channnel is probabilistic. 

18. For an IP Router how many IP addresses 
Ans. Check it i think Answer is Only One. 

19. Which protocol u used when you want to know the IP address  corresponding to a MAC Address 
Ans. RARP 

20. Which part of the IP header is used for the time limit of the packet. 
Ans. TTL 

21. Which PageReplacement algo will give the best result 
Ans. By replacing that page which has the next reference after a long time. (optimal algo) 

22. What the code will be said when it is called by another part and it is not completed yet 
Ans. Reentrant Code. 

23. three questions on the simple programs 

24. There is a sequence of no and prepare a binary tree and tell how many nodes are in the left and right sub tree. 
Ans. Check it Ans (4,7) 

25. What is the rank of the graph 
Ans. e-n+k 

26. One question on the multithreading 
Question I cannot remembered. 

27. Which traversal of the tree gives the node in the ascending order. 
Ans. Inorder 

28. What is garbage collector. 


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