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CDAC PAPER - 13 JUL 2008

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APTITUDE (20 Questions)

1. Questions on coding & decoding

2. Question on series (the questions were not striking at glance)

3. There were questions like, an expression is given 4+5*9/3*27=9(say), which two signs should be interchanged so that the expression evaluates to be 13(say).

4. Problem on mixture, like a shopkeeper earns a profit of 10% on selling a product 'C' at Rs 22/kg. C is mixture of A&B. if A's cost is Rs14/kg, then find B's.

5. There are two numbers. If the bigger one is multiplied by 3 then divided b the smaller one the reminder "ient comes out to be r1&q1. if the smaller one is first is multiplied by 5&then divided by bigger one the remainder "ient are r2,q2. find the bigger number.

The numerical values of r1,q1,r2&q2 were given.


C LANGUAGE (40 Questions)

1. Good quality questions that tests theory of “c”.

2. Good number of problems that involves pointers & strings.

3. few questions on function calling, conditional operators, hierarchy of logical AND & logical OR.

The quality of questions was extremely good.



1. Extremely good questions on coding, the term  “excess code” appeared a number of times, there was also good question on basic term radix. e.g which coding is best suitable for complement operation.

2. What is the minimum no. NAND gates that are required to implement a given Boolean expression?

3. Treatment of logic gates wih high or low enable inputs, there was a term “floating point “ that appeared in context with o/p of logic gates..

4. Simple questions from combinational & sequential circuits.

5. performance parameters of various digital logic families (all sorts of TTL, ECL, IIL, MOS, CMOS).

6. Few basic questions from microprocessor that involves the topics interrupt, interrupt handling, addressing modes.



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