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IGate Patni - Thakur College, Mumbai, October 10, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Myself Deepak Yadav from MCA branch.

I attended Igate Patni campus drive on 10th october, may be my information will be useful to you.

Firstly we are called on 10th at 8 am. At 10 am. They started pre-placement talk.

The session was about 1 hr.

After that aptitude round was there which consists of questions from :

Quantitative :
Problems on ages.
Time and work.
Problems on area.
Some problems from reasoning.

20 to 25 questions were on Verbal ability (very easy).

The aptitude was very easy but tricky. There was 55 questions and 60 minutes.

It was a pool campus 184 students were there after apti they selected 60 for next round. I was one of them.

Next round was technical round.

I went first for it. My tech interview was of 40 minutes.

Interviewer was very cool and nice person.

Questions asked:

Tell me about yourself.
Why you have studied UML.
ER Diagram.
Normalisation 2nd normal form.
Linked list and array difference.
Sorting and searching.
At the time of program execution which memory is more extensive. I told RAM he asked me reason I told.
Have you ever lead any team.
I told yes and told about my Tech Fest experience.
He tested my management and leadership skill.
How you are unique from all.
Do you want to ask me any question?
I asked.

After that there was HR round.

She asked :

How are you Deepak.
Tell me about your family background.
Why Igate.
If I reject you what will you do.
Rate yourself.
What do you know about us.
Do you have any question to ask me.
I asked, she got impressed and explained me about relocation and service agreement.
Be confident and Believe in your potential.

After 17 days they announced the result and I got selected.

Don't loose your hope it was my 5th company. Finally I got placed.

May this information will help you.

Thank you and all the best.


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