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Hi  Friends    

I am Abhishek  Singh, B.Tech 4th year (EC) student of KEC Ghaziabad. Huawei visited the KIET  campus on 26th February. It was an combined campus for KEC  and KIET, the recruitment procedure included  the following phases:
 1. Written test.
 2. Technical interview.
 3. H.R. interview.

Written Test
 The written test included the aptitude as well as the technical part.

 1. Some students are standing in a circle in which 6th and the 16th student are  standing opposite to each other. Find how many students were present  there.

 2. Two cube intersect then which of the following is never made:
 a) rectangle    b) triangle   c) cube    d) none of these

 3. Average of 9 numbers is M, average of 3 numbers is N, average of rest of the  numbers is P, then what is the equation formed?

 4. A ladder was rested along a wall of height 5m. If ladder slides 2m away from  the wall then ladder touches the foot of the wall. What is the height of the  ladder.

 5. A boy gets some rupees from his mother and spends them on 5 stores. He  spends one rupee more than half of the money. How much money he had at the time  of entering the shop?

 6. 311311311311311311 is divisible by:
 a) 3 and 11.
 b) 11 but not 3.
 c) 3 but not 11.
 d) none of the above.

 7. If a rainy day occurs on every 10th day and each rainy day accounts for half  rainbow then in 20 days what is the percentage of days when rainbow doesn't  takes place.

 8. A man works continuously for 8 days and then takes rest on the 9th day. If  he starts on Monday then on which day he will take 12th rest.

 9. Its 27 min past 10. How many minutes would it take to cover 12 noon.


 1) In a transistor in active region there is a relation:
 a) IB  = BIC       b)  IC = BIB         c)  IC = IB      d)  none of these.

 2) For preservation of food we need 
 a) salt    b) formaldehyde    c) sugar     d) none of these

 3) What is dry ice.

 4) Ammeter 25-0-25mA then what is the sensitivity of ammeter.

 5) Which layer is not in OSI layer:
 a) physical     b) data link     c) network     d) transmission

 6) If carrier is modulated 100 % then what is the percentage increment of  power:
 a) 50      b) 100    c) 0     d) none

 7) Convert (17)10 to binary.

 8) (375)10 = ()8

 9) During a day at which time most distortion takes place.

 There were no questions asked from optical fiber.


 Out of the 80 students who sat for written, 23 got selected for interview.
 7 got finally placed.




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