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L & T Infotech - Jalgaon, September 27, 2011

Hi friends.

I am Swapnil Chavan, final year "mechanical engineering" student from SSBT's COET, Jalgaon. I attended interview of L&T Infotech in college campus drive and got selected as well. 

The whole selection process was comprised of four sessions/rounds viz.

1. Written Aptitude Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. Personal (HR) Interview.

It was an university open campus drive, so students from 6-7 colleges attended for it.
As always in L&T Infotech campus drive, the first 10 toppers from CS/IT departments and first 5 toppers from other departments were exempted from Written Aptitude Test.

Round about 250 toppers form different colleges were thus exempted from first round and were directly allowed for 2nd round i.e. GD. I was also one of these toppers, so I directly appeared for GD. Approximately 350 remaining students  appeared  for written test and only 51 of them were qualified for the second round.

Written Test:

As some of my friends appeared for  Written test, as per their opinion it was a little difficult test than expected. It was comprised of   three sections as follows:
1. Quantitative Aptitude/Mathematics: was comparatively easy. Refer R.S. Agrawal book.
2. Reasoning: It was average one. Refer book by R.S. Agrawal for this as well.
3. English: It was slightly difficult section.

Group Discussion:

GD were conducted in the groups of 12, and the topics given were easy and well known to us. Some of them are;
1. Love marriage Vs Arrange marriage.
2. Should students participate in politics or not?
3. Corruption etc.

There was not a pattern of selecting 2-3 gyus per group. But  number of guys who were good, all were selected. Even from one group 8 from 12 were selected. 

From my group 4 were selected including me. I had the 2nd topic. 
Take initiative, lead the discussion, speak confidently and behave well. Dont be aggressive during discussion. 

About 75-80 from 250 toppers and 15 from 51, in total 90-95 guys were selected for next round.

Technical Interview:

The guys from CS & IT should be good in technical. As they expect more here. And as I was from mechanical, interviewer just asked me some basics of C, C++ and web designing as I have learnt the same as well. He also asked me about my project work in deep of knowledge and some general questions. Some of them are; 

1. First and common question: Tell me something about yourself?
ANS: Answer it really well and confidently because it represent your respect for yourself. 
2. He asked details of hobbies I told in my introduction.
3. What are the attributes and elements used for web designing?
4. What kind of project you are doing? Tell me exactly what it is? and how are you overcoming the challenges faced by you during this?
ANS: I explained everything in details.
5. Why do you want to join IT sector though you are from mechanical?

It was a 25 minute interview

Around 43 students were selected for next round and I being one of them.

Personal Interview:

Now this was the one real testing for me!!!
Here HR was a lady and she tested me for communication, confidence, patience, and all other skills.
It was really a good experience for me. 

Before this round a topic was given to us for essay writing and topic was "Everyone is Joining IT industry, Good or Bad! " This essay was for the reference of HR.

HR (Lady):(After I wished her good evening asked me to have seat and asked) You looking nervous!!!!
I: Not nervous really but a bit tired.
(She offered me water and I had it.)
HR: What is the meaning of your name Swapnil?
I: answered it well.
HR: Tell me something about you?
I: started answering 
HR: (She suddenly stopped me and asked,) Why there is a fall in percentage of HSC compared to SSC?
I: answered somehow.
HR: Do you had a Girlfriend?
I: No. 
HR: It looks like you might had?
I: I was confused to answer and she just asked a little personal about this.
HR: Gave scenario, that u r driving a 2 seater car. Its raining hard. You see 3 people waiting at stop, ur best frnd, ur gf and an old lady. Then what will u do?
I: after thinking some moments; i will tell my best frnd to take the car and drop dat old lady. And I will enjoy the rain with my gf. 
HR: Why do u want to join IT industry though u r mechanical guy?
I: same ans
HR: Suppose I hire you and shift to jammu then will u work there?
I: Jammu dsnt have any branch of L&T info.
HR: we will have it in next some years den.
I: yes
HR: Why should I hire u?
I: answered well
HR: Hw can u prove dat u r loyal to ur work.
I: gave an example from clg days
HR: scenario. u have three bulbs in a room with switches outside. Room is closed. U can ON each s/w for single time and cant see bulbs blowing as room is closed and after this u can enter room. 
I: I will turn ON and Off the bulbs alternately each after 10 min and after entering the room can assign s/w as per the hotness of bulbs.
HR: nice. again scenario u met ur teacher somewhere. u asked her 2 ques i.e. ur marks in maths and where r u goin? She answerd at cappuccino. wat answers will u take from this
I: I thought and answered 80, at tea.
HR: close bt not correct.
I: I didnt answerd.
HR: it was 40, for tea.
and many questions were asked.
she has taken it for 35 minutes.(7:25 to 8:00 pm.)

The next day I saw list of 38 students selected and I was so happy and enjoyed a lot dat day.


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