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Crescent, Vandalur.
DATE: 9.10.2003

Pattern: (No multiple choice Qns)

4 Sections.

1.Analytical Reasoning (12 qns.)
(we have to write reasons for the answer.)

( I don't remember exactly what they had given.I am putting it in my own words)

1) x1 peach + y1 plum = z1 apple
x2 peach + y2 plum = z2 apple
(x1,y1 .... z2 are integer  values)
How many peaches make one apple?

2) 100,100,102,106,112,120, ____

3) which is greater ?
Product of all Bradman's first class scores or Sum of all test scores of Sachin.

4) U r provided with 500ml and 300ml jar(it has no markings).
a) u have to measure exactly 100ml.
b) u have to measure exactly 200ml.      

5) Using four 4's u have to make 1 ... 10.
( for eg. 1 = (4/4)*(4/4)
2 = ?
10 = ? )      

6) student,canopy,thirst,.. are the words given.
u have to group the words using the following words
               etc..(i don't remember some of words)

7) U have to cut a Pizza using 7 st. lines(wit out rearranging)  and u have to obtain maximum number of
    ( Give generalised solution..)
8) U have to cut a Cylindrical cake of diameter 32 cm and height 20 cm in to   12 equal pieces.

9) In a village there r 2 groups.

   1) Knight -> always tell true
   2) Knave ->  always tell false
Mr.X met a man of that village(u don't which grp he belongs) and questioned "Tell me whether u r knight
or knave ?"
Reply: "i cannot tell u and left that place"

Find which grp that man belongs to?

10) obtain 277 from 3,25,50,65,100.use 4 arithmetic operations only.

11) 1#2=x ,2#3=y, 4#4=z
4@14=a, 5@15=b, d@e=f

( i don't remember values for x,y,z,a,b,c,d,e,f)
find (2#4)@5= ?

12) (i don't remember what they had given.)
It is just example for that question,

CODE is encoded as DGBF
READ is encoded as JHNV
Fins "KOVAI"              

2. Essay(General).
(Topic given: India should spend money on Atom bomb 
and Rocket OR  for the welfare of poor.)

3. Problem solving.
(Problem statement: How will u determine number of  
Petrol bunks in Madras.)

4. Programming.(4 Qns)
( we can use any Programming Language for coding)

a) They had given one function ,we have to find it 
what it does and also problem in the fn. and  how to
overcome it.
double what( double z, int y)
double answer;
    while( y > 0 )
    if( y%2 == 1)
         answer = answer * z;
    return answer;
b) They had given one Pseudocode.We have to find bug in the pseudocode.

I don't remeber the pseudocode fully.But the function of pseudocode is 
"To make a Robot to fetch a tumbler  of water"

c) write a program to print all Armstrong numbers,
(for eg. 153=1^3+5^3+3^3)
d) write a function witj the following conditions,
  1)It should have one integer parameter.
  2)If the value passed is -ve, return -1.
  3)If the value passed is a perfect  square, return root of that number.
  4)If the value passed is a not a perfect square, return that number itself.

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