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Hi everyone
         This is my first (off) campus interview. Around 2000 students from          Madurai zone colleges came for Anna university placement drive. I am an          MCA guy from Thanjavur. I got selected in Caritor.
         200+ students cleared written test. The test contains 60 q's (30- C ;          30-Apti & english). C is very easy as in "Let US C - yeswant kanitkar"          book. apti also not too tough. But u need time management. Test duration          is only 60 minutes. I suggest first to do C within 15 to 20 minutes and          spent time on apti.
         In GD 12 candidates are one panel and my GD topic was "Whether death          penalty in our law is correct or not". we discussed around 30 minutes.          In G.D.
         1, Introduce yourself (hobbies, family background)
         2, topic will be given
         3, one minute time to gather points yourself
         4, G.D. starts
         5, Four to five members had been asked to summarize the discussion(Me          also finally)
         peoples who have not spoken first asked to summarize. if they not do          then they ask others to summarize to finish the g.d.
         They considered:
         points, good observer, self introduction and summarization-conclusion.
         more or less 100 got selected through g.d. in my panel four of us          selected. one topic was given and we wrote a page length story about our          college. It had been pined with my c.v. which sent to interview.
         In interview they asked me to guess my written test marks. and told that          i got less marks in apti. so they asked me puzzles and some technical          q's.
         what are set operations in DB?
         He wrote two tables with values and asked me to derive ans for all set          operations and gave time.
         then he asked two puzzles I solved one.
         ur goal?
         what is interface in .NET? (i told i am good in .net.)
         he wrote a program as
         interface a
         int x=10;
         class b implements a
         int x=20;
         whats the o/p?
         interface a
         int xy=10;
         class b implements a
         int x=20;
         whats the o/p?
         thats all in interview.
         in h.r interview he verified the essay paper. and marked the errors and          asked to correct them. whats ur rank in mca ?
         family background?
         where u will be after three years?
         any q's? he asked
         I asked "If I got selected what skills that I need to be improved?"
         that gentleman told "Written and Oral communication alone."
         Out of 82 attended h.r 49 got selected.
         I got the success finally....
         my offcampus failure stories in
         1, google
         2, infy
         3, tcs
         4, accenture
         and some medium level companies...
         regards, MS.


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