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L&T Infotech - Coimbatore, October 10, 2011

Hi friends,

     I have attended l&tinfotech placement pool drive and got selected, i jus wanna share my interview experience which might be use ful for people who are gng to attend.

          From 5 colleges totally 1400 were attended placement drive from that 250 toppers(top 5 ranks of all dept) were called for GD directly and the rest wrote aptitude test, aptitude was very easy all probs. were basic maths, easily we can obtain answer and reasoning was also easier than expected but verbal alone was a little wage. it tuk place around 11 in morning and results were announced by 4pm, luckily i was also there among 450 selected students.

GD tuk place moment after results were announced they splitted the selected candidates in to groups( each group wit 15 students) and they select  2 or 3 from a batch. As far as l&t is concerned in GD three things are essential 
1.try to initiate.
2.speak bold and confident
3.dont go away from topic provided good communication skill and a main thing is, GD is about discussing don make it as a debate(b'coz they rejected the whole batch as it went like debate).totally 28 batches avg 2 frm each totally 88 were selected from that i was also one of them.( apart from this 48 toppers was also selected frm GD).so totally 137 were selected.
my topic for GD was,"students active participation in politics"

next is technical interview,they expect moreee,if ur non IT or CSE ,u must be well prepared in ur core too.am frm ECE stream my quest were,

after all wishing and take ur seat process,

HR: tell what u know about pressure and temperature measurement?
ME:some wat managed.
HR:what is unique in u than others?
ME:explained ,quoting my strengthness
HR:then he asked me a puzzle related to communication(not english).
ME:told and explained.
HR:what is data structure?
HR:what is multiplexed in microprocessor?
HR:do u have anything to ask me?
ME:asked a quest abt their infra structure
HR:explained it and said good thank you, i am done with my questions
ME:thanks for ur precious time sir.

the same day night 10 i attended tech interview and by 11 i got result and i got selected from that.

the next day also tech. interview tuk place for  some ppl and totally 70 were short listed to general hr.

before enterin hr panel we were asked to fill a form that is the thing from which they ask quest. so be careful and truthful while filling it.
after filling the form they asked us to write an essay our topic in essay writing was " should GD be necessary for selection process" again write neatly no matter how much u write it matters what u write, give introduction conclusion and present it neatly.

they selected 5 candidates who wrote essay well and they were allowed to panel first i was also one of the 5. the hr was a north indian lady she stress interviewed some candidates but i was cool when enterin the room,

ME:may i come in mam and all those procedure took place after i took the seat,

HR:tell me about urself?
ME:explained it neatly in confident tone
HR:asked questions regarding the essay i wrote
ME:explained it
HR:ques. about my higher edu.(which i mentioned in the form)
ME:i told yes mam as am frm ece core takin a technical course in part time will help me to shine in my career.
HR:she asked que. from what i have filled in form lik area i should improve all those
i explained all and my interview took place oly for 5 min and i left the room.

results were announced two days later thru college i was out of this world when i heard the results!! l&t is a good ethical company where meritocracy plays vital role.

ALL THE BEST!! for all who are going to attend l&t infotech placement drive
feel free to ask me queries at manozz91(at)gmail.com . Ill help u as much as i can!


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