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HUGHES Paper, 24 th September 2003, Gurgaon       
Technical Questions:  there are total 30 questions but I remember this much.
     Which one is called      family tree.virtual function and      overloadingDHCP protocolorder of insertion and      Heap sortleft recursionfind output:       for(l=1;a<=l;a++) cout<<++a; cout <<a;       DEBUG trigger (oracle)in unrestricted      session which system privilege  mode      is used (oracle)NEXTVAL and CURRENTVAL      in sequence (Oracle)Unix system call..like       Var( )OS 384 support which      memory management      

Complexity to access name from  the given double link list.
       Which WAN network is      suitable for the 100Km or m. distance network.If duplicate segments      , file are there in hardisk which is best for  management          a)      FAT        b)      SAT      

     stop n wait protocol      is associated with which layer. find errors from the c and c++ codes.        

Aptitude Questions:

   Age problemTime and distanceCoindirection problem(2n + 2 n-1/2      n+1 - 2n)        what is gives if n = something( 10n - 1)      n>1 when is divisible by 11.no divisible by 8find the missing no.      when it is divisible by some no.Boat problemAverage


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