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Hello Friends

I am MAK, a new member of this group, a Mech. grad from Mysore              trying to make "IT" big in IT industry. I attended the off-campus of              Caritor, held at NIE, Mysore in the last week of august. Test was              open for all students of CS, EC, Mech, EE, IS and Instrumentation.              Cut-off was 65% in all semester, all subjects must've been cleared              in first attempt. 
             Question paper pattern:
             Total time was 60min. Two different question papers will be given              and one white paper to work out the answers. The answering sheet is              of multiple choice type where we've to put a "X" mark on correct              choice. College ID was a must and those who forgot bring theirs were              mercilessly sent out, inspite of having other proof
             like marks card along with drivers license etc.,
             NO -ve marks. Paper-2 was given about 15 min. after we started              answering paper-1. We can switch between papers.
             Quantitative aptitude: 30 questions. All simple stuff direct from R.              S. Aggarwal
             Questions were on ratio and proportions, family relationship,              bankers discount, areas and volumes, pipes and cisterns, complete              the number series.
             Logical reasoning: 15 questions. Few questions on data sufficiency,              ref. the verbal and non-verbal reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal. and              remaining on assertion and reasoning type.
             I got some 20 correct in paper-1 and some 5-7 correct in paper-2. I              was called for the GD that afternoon itself.
             Some 30 odd were shortlisted for GD. The topic of GD was hardwork              and sincerity. A group was 8-9 people was made and were allowed to              talk while others had to wait in other room. I said hard work and              sincerity go hand-in-hand and both are important, while some argued              that hardwork alone or sincerity alone is sufficient. In GD the most              silent people were selected!!!!!!!!. I was then shortlisted for              interview the next day in Bangalore in Caritor office.
             the panel had the HR lady and a techie guy. The guy asked me why I              wanted to shift to IT while I am a Mech., grad. I said growth potential, money, air-conditioned office.
             The guy then asked questions regarding microprocessor and other              electronics stuff. I said I am a mech., guy I don't know Microproc. You can ask C              prog., or any question based on mech.
             The guy kept on asking stuff from electronics and other hardcore              comp sc. stuff. I gave up. I answered all questions with a big "I DON'T KNOW".              Walked out.
             By looking at their faces and their attitude I could make out that              they didn't want to hire guys from non-IT branch. The interview and              all was just an eye-wash. So, non-IT guys consider this seriously              before attending Caritor test. Finally about 10 people from EE and              CS branch were selected.
             "If you are to be remembered even after your death; write something              worth reading or do something worth writing".


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