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Hi Friends

I am gone give my experience in Huawei Telecommunication, it is one of the leading tele communication service provider, an china based company for details check website www.huawei.com

The company recruits only persons with a strong knowledge in the basics of thr descipline, I attended in Coimbatore Anna university, they came out here only for ECE students,out of 700 candidates they selected only 17 luckily i was also 1 among them..the recruit process consists of 3 rounds:

1. Written Test:
There r three sections u get 30 min for answering 30 qu.
Aptitude (10 qu)
Technical (15 qu)
English (5 qu)

the aps qu r too tuff so it is better to go from bottom so u cud pass the cutoff without any trouble otherwise u will loose definetly

2. Technical Round:
There were 3 parallel technical Hr's, it is very tuff to clr with out proper preparation, qu will be not only from basics but also on ur project and mainly from telecommunication and mobile comm, so prepare well in GSM & CDMA Tech and ans with confidence u will get through it.

3. Hr Round:
It is an interesting round, u should be able to communicate well and answer wit confidence and should know a lot of information abt the company profile and don't miss the pre placement talk taken by them Questions wud be from Tat. the panel also consist of an chinese person so listen carefully otherwise u cannot understand him....

This is one of such an big company, these people know to respect humans, they were so kind and gentle they made everyone to walk out with smile. So I am proud to be a part of it... I hav been waiting it for a long time almost I lost 19 interviews and atlast got a good one (a really good one)... So I thank Friends for helping us/....


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