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iGate - Mumbai,Sept. 26,2012.

Hello Everyone, iGate visited our college ATHARVA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, MALAD (W). on 26th Sept 2012.

We were told to reach college by 8a.m. They arrived at 10a.m. and then the following Process began.

Pre Placement Presentation:

It was for about an hour and very interesting & interactive. Never try to be over-smart when they tell you to ask something.

Aptitude Test (test duration 1 hour) Started at 11.20a.m.

Contained 50 questions. It was divided into 2-section(Vocabulary(20) & Quantitative(30)). Most of them were from R.S. Aggarwal. Believe me guys it was very easy. Just prepare well. There were
Problem on ages
Logical Deduction
Matching Pattern
Data interpretation
Passage reading..etc.
Don't Study Hard, Just Study Smart.

Correction of Aptitude test paper

Declaration of Aptitude Test results.
Results were announced at 2p.m.
In our College out of 270,163 cleared aptitude test. I was one of them

One-on-One Technical Interview
One-on-One HR Interview

Both the interview took place one after the other. It started at 3p.m. Mine was at about 7p.m.

My  both interviews were done at about 8.30p.m.
Both the interviews contained common questions.

Technical Interview
Tell me about structures,types of database,your field of interest etc

HR Interview
Tell me about yourself,your strength and weakness,feasibility to travel.

Results will be announced after 16days.
Hoping for the best.

Hope this will help you in some way.


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