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This is the latest paper conducted in PSG.

         Regarding Flextronics written test, it comprises of 7 papers with total          of 90 questions. They are
         4)Mental ability
         5)C or C++
         6)Data Structures
         7)Letter Writing

         In verbal, Questions came from GRE verbal and some basic          questions in english. For Comprehension, some times they may give one passage and they will          collect the passage and they will give the questions later. So make note          of
         important things in the passage before.
         For Aptitude, go through the Quantitative aptitude by R.S.Agarwal.
         For C paper, they concentrate more on pointers. So be prepared          with that. Better go thru Exploring C book.
         For mental ability, the questions may be like 2+3*4/5, + will be          replaced by * , * will be replaced by -, you have to find the answer by          replacing that.
         In Data Structures, They will give the code, you have to find          whether it is preorder traversal or post order traversal, binary tree or          binary search tree.
         Regarding interview thorough with ur areas of interest, ur          project and C.
Be cool and answer.


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