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Hello Friends
              well i am a new member of the Friends group and am a student as of now we              had been called for the off campus selection held by Caritor              India Pvt Limited.When we reached there we were shocked to see              the number of colleges invited i mean the interview was held at              Andhra Pradesh level.
              we had an aptitude comprising of two pprs-one, aptitude, comprising              of stuff from r.s aggarwal and tyra and the second paper was              technical C questions each section had 30 questions and there wasnt              any negative marking but then we were given only 1 min per question.              After half an hour the first question sheet was taken away and then              the technical was given.
              The aptitude wasnt bad..but was time consuming.so guys aspiring              for caritor pls do work on ur time management. The c questions were              relatively easy.mostly stuff from yeshwant kanitkar, so do ur c              well!!
              I was not expecting , so was chill..they said they wud announce the              results at the end of the day and tht too on the net i wasnt              expecting so was kinda bindaas but to my surprise i was shortlisted              from about 3000 students. about 250 ppl frm various disciplines were              selected
              we were called for the GD and interview the next day..
              the topics were general and were related to the current              affairs-topics like cellphone ban in colleges, petroleum products              being subsidised, china threat to india, foreign coaches for sports              (tht was my topic)
              well the success mantra to this was be cool, confident and crisp.              keep smiling ,dont be nervous and be a very good listener. i cleared              my GD and was then asked to wait for my technical round
              I was called by the hr interviewer who was pretty friendly and cool.              He dint make us feel nervous, made us feel very comfortable as I was              from IT background me and two others were drilled on subjects              ranging from algorithms, data structures, networks, operating              systems, microprocessors, databases and general HR.
              The guy was looking if we knew the concepts and wasnt very              particular abt the code of the programs being asked. The ECE              background people were asked abt microprocessors and transducers and              stuff. They were looking for people with a strong concept and for              people who get things right in the first attempt. That was their              criteria from day1
              They invited people with minimum 65% and who had cleared all their              subjects in the first attempts! some how for the technical, b sure              that if u r sure of the answer then do say,but then if u dont its              better to remain silent than to fumble!!
              being cool and confident helped me..they said us to assemble in              the seminar hall!!!
              when we went there to our surprise we had to give a written essay on              "your career aspirations-what do u want to achieve in your life"              ,the word limit being 100 words. they were very specific about what              they wanted.
              we were then made to wait for the results to be announced..
              and luckily I was selected amongst a group of 100+ students
              they short listed only 31 students, we were given a presentation              then on what caritor is as an institute and about the organisation.
              the non-IT students were to take up testing and the IT guys had to              join as programmers they gave u a years time to think over and the offers they offered              were pretty good
              all in all they say "ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL"
              hope my experience does help ..


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