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HoneyWell Test Paper Pattern

Honeywell Test Paper 

Test contained multiple choice questions divided into 
 a) Verbal ability (15 ques) 
b) Numerical aptitude (15 ) 
c) Logical and analytical ability (15) 
d) Elementary computer science (10) 
d) Programming langauages (20) 
e) Operatins systems and Data structures (25) 

 Some sample Questions 

 1. What is a Real-Time System ? 

2. What is the difference between Hard and Soft real-time systems ? 

3. What is a mission critical system ? 

4. What is the important aspect of a real-time system ? 

5. Explain the difference between microkernel and macro kernel. 

6. Give an example of microkernel.Why paging is used ? 

7. Which is the best page replacement algo and Why ? 

 8. What is software life cycle ? 

9. How much time is spent usually in each phases and why Which one do U want to work if selected in Honeywell ? 

10. Which are the different types of testing ? 

11. What is a distributed system ? 

12. Some questions about CSP. 

13. Which languages do U know ? 

14. What are the differences between Pascal and C. 

15. questions from Compiler construction and Lisp. 

16. Which are the different computer architecture? 

17. What is the requirement in MIMD ? 

18. What is the difference between RISC and CISC processors ? 

19. Difference between loosely coupled and tightly coupled systems ? 

20. What is an open system? 


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