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Deloitte Placement Interview - Hyderabad, August 22, 2012

Hello everyone..:)

We had the first round of deloitte today which was an online test and it was conducted by aspiring minds..

The questions were not so tough. If u have a basic idea of apt u can do well.
but the main factor is time. Time was not adequate.

I would like to give a basic idea on what kind of question they asked.
the test was for 95mins.

all the questions were from rs agarwal(as i felt)
there were about 6-8 questions on antonyms and synonyms.
a few questions on phrasal verbs, sentence improvement.
a few on arrangement of sentences.
2 reading comprhension passages.
(those who prepare for cat and gre can crack the verbal section easily)

2.next section was quant..25 questions..35mins..
simple intrest and compound intrest..2 questions pakka...
two questions from logrithms..(they were very easy)..
probability questions..
permutation and combinations..
they gave some mathematical(very big) expression and asked how many zero's does it contain?
two questions on profit and loss.
a few questions on time & work and time & distance(concentrate more on train problems)
1 question on HCF and LCM relation.(two numbers product=HCF*LCM).
--u should solve the questions so fast that u can attempt every question--

3. The last section was reasoning..24questions..30mins..(im telling you..the digits may look good..but time was not suffcnt at all..very long questns)
questions on blood relations and direction sense are obvious.
seating arrangement problems round a table.
Two questions on coding and decoding..
there were 4 questions like find odd one out..and they gave 4 options such as a)adg b)beh c)mps d)zac.
statements and conclusions.

Every question was too long to read..so try to read the given information clearly and solve them.


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