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Hi Friends
        Here am giving the quest asked in Caritor off campus at Madurai on 20th          Nov. 2005. Here am not giving with exact data.  Refer these just for an          idea..
        Question from Time & Work like..  
10 men complete work in 6 hrs, 8 men work  is equal to 6 women work, 4 women work equal to 2 boy work.. how many boys need to finish in 3 days..
Question from Time &          Distance like 
        A man walk half of total distance in first day then 1/3 of          remaining next day, 2/3 of remaining in third day.  4th          day walked 5 miles to reach destination, then what s whole distance?
        Ans:   120 miles
Quest like
Today is Friday, I met him the day before the previous day of the next day of the before yesterday. find that day
A vendor bought dog for Rs. 1, and a cat for Rs. 1.20, a pig for Rs.1.34,   He totally purchased 100 animals for 100 Rs. Then find no of each animal.
One family went for a vacation, totally 13 days rained. If rain comes in evening they wont enjoy next day morning & vice versa. 14 days evening & 12 days morning they enjoyed then total days?
6 cats kill 6 rat in          6 minutes..   then how many rats killed by 100 cats in 50 minutes
One boy starts from A and goes in 18 m/h speed to B, stays 30 minutes there  and returns back with speed of 50% more than previous speed. Distance between A & B is 27 miles. If he started at 8.00 am from A, what the time of his return to A
Ans :   11.00 am      ( forward time-1 hr  +   return time - 1& 1/2 hr   + 30 minutes = 3 hrs ) 
        Ques.. calling a function before declaring  
        Ans:  Error.
Ques like..            Assigning a function address to a function ptr without fn.          Declaration
        Ans :  Error.
Ques like             Print("%d",printf("Hai"));
        Ans:  Hai3
Struct a{
        Char c[2];
        Int I;
        Union u{
        Struct a s;
        Double d;
        Printf("%d",Sizeof(union u));
        Ans:  8
Int s=5;
        Printf("%d %d %d", s, s<<2, S>>2);
        Ans:  5 20 1
Int a=2,b=3,c;
        Ans: 3  (Will print the last element in the brackets)
Int i=5,j=1,k=0;
        Printf("%d %d %d", i,j,k);
Quest like this.  Refer the precedence of operators for this ques
Refer  "Test ur C          skills" by Yashavant Kanetkar   for C
And RS.Agarwal for Apti.  If u have time refer "Puzzles to puzzle u" by Sakundla Devi. It s useful 4 both written and tech interview


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