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Hello  everyone. I am providing a blue print & a few quests that I remember. This  is theLATEST PATTERN OF L&T  PAPER

There  were 50 quests in the paper
- Prepositions
- Synonyms, like replacing the word with best  suitable
- Replacing whole phrase with some other  phrase. 
Answer  sequence for first 7 quests of my set was C  A B A A B C.
quests on  English were based on replacements only.

Than  there were quests based on syllogism. The quests were a bit tricky. Needed few  seconds of concentration.

then  there were quests base on mensuration. A circular swimming pool and a pavement  around it of grass. Than wat wud be the are of that pavement. Answer was 204pie sq feet.

quest-  there are 4 classes from 1pm to 3.52pm. there is a break of 4 mins between  every class. Than duration of each class is? Ans was 40 mins
75 men do  a work in 20 days. 25 of them sent to some other work. How much time will the  remaining men take to complete the same work. ANS was 40 days.

which is  largest among the following. 
8/.8, sq  root of .8, sq of .8, ans was 

a>b>1 there were a few options asking  the relation between these that which relation is most suitable, according to  the given condition.

is an odd integer. Which relation  will give the even num. as answer? In this quest there were two answers amongst  the 4 options which were mathematically same & these two were right  answers. So u can choose anyone of them. I chose 2(x+1) as my ans.

Two or  three quests were based upon the %age. Like 
- there is a bolt and a hammer of same price.  If the price of hammer increases by 5% & that of bolt is decreased by 5%,  than what wud be the % variation in there price?
- There  is a base bal team. It plays 60 matches. Out of this it wins 335 matches &  enters the semifinls. After that it wins 50% of the avrg matches. So how many  matches in a row it wins after the Knock out league? I think ANS was 30.
- In a  class there are 15 students. & can speak French, 8 can speak german & 3  can speak none. So hw many are there who can speak both?
These  were quests regarding %age portion. now next part.

quests  assertion. Pls go thru R.S.Aggarwal for that. Its impossible to remember those  quests. they were about 8 in number.

Now came  the DI part. There were quests on BAR graphs, Pie chart.
u can  easily do those quests. Just see 2-3 quests of solving them from R.S. nd u can  easily solve them.
At some  place in Pie chart quest u wont be able to distinguish the region showed behind  the graph. So immediately ask the invigilator about that without wasting ur time. They were damn easy.  Almost all were based on finding %age of something w.r.to something.

This was  the whole pattern & a few questions of L&T ECC division. But getting  this doesn’t mean that u r now in LnT. They will take a very high level, high  quality interview. So go through all the subjects that u have studied in all  the 6 sems or in all the 8 sems (accordingly). Because L&T wants the best and  those who will clear the written just by seeing this, will definitely get fired  after the interview.

All the very best to all of u. Go  & get it!!!!!!!!!!


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