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I am Vikas Malik from DCE. I gave          test of Flextronics off campus on 13th march and has been called for          interview on 28th of march.
         the test included seven sections:
         1.verbal English ( 10 q., 15 mins)
         it consisted of synonyms, antonyms, and a paragraph on the basis of          which u hav to answer some q.
         2. mental ability (10 q, 10 min)
         very simple questions on finding the odd, out of three which r same, if          * is +, + is - the solve some equation type.
         3.OS and Data Struct.(15q., 20 min.)
         1ques on graph, 3 on trees, pre order, post order, wher u put a node,          embedded programming,8085 instruction set, interrupt latency 3 q. etc..
         4.quantitative ability ( 15 q. 20 min)
         ques on work and time ,one was that of a cube(4 cm side) two opposite          sides are yellow, and out of rest 2 adjacent are black and rest r white.          then cube is divided int smaller cubes of side 1 cm. we hav to find no          of cubes havin at least one side yellow type qs..
         pipe and cistern, probability
         5. C (20 q. 20 min)
         questions on # pragma, call by reference, how many times a loop will          move, which is better recursion or iteration etc.. pointers..
         6. one technical Rc on the basis of which answer 10q.
         my rc was on FIREWIRE
         7. e mail writing to an friend who is going to us u cant meet him becoz          ur boss has assigned u a presentation so u have to apologize him 
         thats all which i can remember.. best of luck to everybody..


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