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For Virtusa the paper patteren is of four sections. 
        1.Logical reasoning(LR)
        2.problem solving (1 question)
        3.Essay on a general topic

Logical reasoning and programming are most important. If u do well
in these sections ur selected.  

LR has a minimum cutoff u should  clear that to evaluate ur other sections. In LR  u r also required to provide the reason for the answer
u select. Try basic logical questions for prep.

In progg we had 5 questions to write the program. Do well in this section. Don't worry about 2 & 3 sections. Spend max time on 1 & 4.

After test we had GD which doesn't count much but becomes the basic impression for HR interview. HR is important.
Technical interview  asked all about the programs written in test.And also they ask u to optimize the program.

If u done HR well and had good progg skills u will get selected.


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