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Wipro Interview Experience - Vellore, Oct 18, 2014

Hi friends,

I attended for wipro company through VIT consortium.

They were approximately 1500 students who attended for this 
off campus drive. They were four rounds,

1. GD.
2. Written test.
3. Technical interview.
4. HR interview.

Who have above 65% in their academics & who don't have any active backlogs can attend for this drive.

1. GD is conducted for every 15 members, in that 7-10 got selected and promoted to written test. Here your communication skills, alertness, awareness plays major role, be confident & your body postures also important. My topic is about domain based engineering college.
Here 900 people got selected for written test.

2. Written test : for this session they concentrated on four topics

a. Verbal.
b. Quants.
c. Logical.
d. C Language.
It is easy to crack this test if you have relevant preparation. R.s.Agarwal books are enough to crack this. but for C, you need to know basics.
This two rounds are happened On 18th Oct. They announced results at night, out of 900 people 78 were shortlisted. Fortunately i got selected.

On 19th Oct, we entered exactly at 8:30 am. First we have essay writing after that pre placement talk. Here essay writing is not an elimination round but it is useful in technical & HR rounds, they just want to test your written communication thus why they kept this.

3. Technical round :

If you have basic knowledge on your core subjects & C language its enough for ECE people to crack but for CSE, they are asking about cloud computing, web designing etc. So know basics and tell what you know confidently, here they can ask about your essay writing be thorough with what you wrote in your paper.

4. HR round :

Be confident & know everything what you kept in your resume. like PPT, Poster, Project, Training etc.., in detailed.

Me : Excuse me sir.
HR : Yeah, come in surya.
Me : Good morning sir.

HR : Very Good morning, you are from Tirupati right.
Me : Yes sir.

HR : Oh ok, tell me something about Tirupati.
Me : I told. & I mentioned about lord balaji & we are very privileged to be in Tirupati. Like that I explained what I know about Tirupati.

HR : But Tirupati is very crowdy right.
Me : Yes sir, but its very pleasure to have that crowd sir. Here many tourists will arrive we can know so many things. we can observe so many people, their living style, their dressing  like that I told very proudly about ours.

HR : Oh (he smiled). Ok, tell me about yourself?
Me : Told about 8-10 min (that is common questions & tricky questions too. without any mistakes I told very fastly because i prepared a lot for this).

HR : He asked about our college?
Me : Told (how is your college like, what you done for your college and what college done for you, whatever I know I told)

HR : Oh cool, you may leave now (he smiled).
Me : Thank you sir (with a pleasant smile). & I left.

In HR round be confident, at any situation don't keep your face dull, keep smile on your face, because there is nothing in your teeth you can smile, why I'm mentioning this point is your smile can do anything. & maintain eye contact.

The interviewers are very cool & pleasant persons. so tension free.

Among 78 members they shortlisted 52 members. Fortunately I am one among them. If you have relevant hard work you definitely will place in good companies. 

So, be cool. Do smartwork .

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. So be patient. So my experience may help you friends. Thank you so much.



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