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Hi Friends

Myself Mohammad Aamir, student of Mechanical Engineering, AL-FALAH SCHOOL OF ENGG. & TECH., Faridabad. Recently I have got selected by L&T infotech on a joint campus drive by the organization...

I am here just to brief my experience at the whole drive and am very much thankful to the Almighty, my parents and my faculty members that were very much on my side during the all.

At the place of selection, initially 5800 candidates appeared for the aptitude test and only 717 candidates were shortlisted for the second round of Group Discussion on the next day. The vary next day Group Discussion took place in the batch of 14-15 candidates, all the members of each batch were randomly selected by the L&T personals only. After the completion of the second round of Group Discussion only 330 candidates got a chance to appear in the interview on the next day, hopefully I was one of them. 

In the personnel interview there was a mixed round of H.R. as well as technical questions, generally the whole interview took 30 minutes as it was in my case. On the completion of whole drive only 240 candidates had a chance to make a career with L&T Infotech and I am very much glad to say that I am one of the guy who got a chance to enhance my skills as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER TRAINEE (S.E.T.) in the field of software development at a prestigious firm like L&T.        

As we all know that the L&T Infotech selection process consists of the three hurdles rather we can say that there are three steps to complete successfully in the selection process.

First of all the hurdles is a GENERAL  APPITUDE  TEST, followed by a GROUP DISCUSSION and a PERSONNEL INTERVIEW.

The GENERAL APPITUDE TEST comprises of 90 questions without any negative marking but this test paper is sub divided in the three sections of 30 questions each from general reasoning, logical reasoning and English. To get shortlisted in the test we have to solve at least of 45 questions correctly, generally depending upon the cut off merit, but it is extremely necessary that there should be a balance in between all the sections of the test. For the preparation of this test I will prescribe you General Aptitude (R.S.AGARWAL) or (ABHIJIT GUHA, TMH). The short listed candidates of the 1st round will go to the second round of Group Discussion.

Group Discussion is the second hurdle for most of the candidates is a test of your English communication as well as the understanding or rather I can say that it's a test of your confidence level that how can you express yourself and make others to satisfy on the logics that you have expressed!! In the G.D. round generally they choose a batch of 14-15 candidates at random and ask them to select a topic of their own by personnel understanding among the candidates of that particular batch and ask them to prepare their thoughts in 1 or 2 minute time. They will sub divide the batch into two groups to have a discussion on the selected topic. One group will be in favour of the topic and vice versa. In case of the 15 member batch one candidate will summarize the whole discussion and conclude it. Usually 5 candidates have a chance to get shortlisted but in exceptional cases all or none get selected. The short listed candidates of this round will get a chance to appear in the interview.

The last hurdle of this selection procedure is one to one personnel H.R. and Technical interview. In most of the cases the interview is H.R. but if the person who is communicating with you is of technical background then there is most of a chance that there will be a technical interview. Generally the interview lasts for 30 minutes. During the technical interview most common questions are from softwares like C++, Auto CAD, PRO- E, CATIA etc . & the subjects which we study during our curriculum. But in case of H.R. interview the general queries are as follows:

I: Why do u want to join L&T Infotech being a mechanical engineer as u know that its an I.T. company?
I: what will be your choice if you will get a chance to enter the core company of your stream?
I: Where you see yourself after 5 years in L&T?
I: What you are expecting from L&T.?

The selected candidates from this round will get a chance to join the organization in the coming time, so I'll conclude the whole experience as a challenging one but not impossible to crack the whole selection procedure.

I convey my best wishes to all the candidates who are going to appear in the on campus drive of selection in L&T Infotech. So work hard and do well in the coming future.  


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