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          Hi Friends
        I appeared for hughes (now flectronics) on 13th March
        The pattern has completely changed. There were 7 sections in the paper
        1. Verbal Ability(15 ques,10 min)
        2. Analytical Ability(15 ques,20 min)
        3. Mental Applications(10 ques,10 min)
        4. OS concepts, Data structures and algorithms(20 ques,20 min)
        5. Learning capabilities(10 ques,15 min)
        6. C or C++ programming(20 ques,20 min)
        7. Written communication skills(1 ques,5 min)
       Technical was ok, not very tough but the aptitude was          tough, infact weird, completely unexpected. Some ques on probability,          union, intersections, some were really easy, others were time consuming.          I managed to clear the written, now I have my interview on 18th march
        In verbal ability section, there were some ques on vocab, some fill in          the blanks, n then there was a paragraph, n ques based on that, that was          time consuming n confusing, spare more time fr that
        Then in analytical ability, i don't remember, but i think there were          ques on probability, permutations and combinations,
        In mental ability, again i don't remember exactly, some ques were really          easy, but last ques was based on some seating arrangement, or          probability i don't remember.
        Then OS, there were some ques frm deadlocks, given some processes with          priorities find worst case interrupt latency, frm data structures -          insertion in a tree, postfix to infix or vice versa, pointers,          addressing thru pointers, ques on outputs, some ques on real time          systems, embedded systems
        in learning capabilities, this was the easiest part, a text was given,          and later u hav 2 answer ques based on tht
        then C prog, ques based on output, errors, some header files like          functions included in string.h, pointers, local variables visibility,#pragma          start nd i don't remember ne more
        and last in written skills, v had 2 write a mail 2 a friend for          apologizing for not meeting him fr a long time.         that's all I remember


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