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Virtusa Campus Interview Process Pattern

(PAPER) Virtusa Campus Interview Process Pattern

Company Name : Virtusa
Type : Job Interview, Fresher

Hi, friends.
All the best for your placement in virtusa Virtusa came as oncampus in our college on 10 june-2008 Selection process The test was conducted by merit trac It has 5 sections 

3.attention to detail 
4. C & datastructures 
5.learning ability Verbal 

1.fill in the blancks with prepositions.(it is very easy.refer any grammar book) 

2.reading comprehension Passage will be given and questions will be based on it. Attempt this at the last. The time u save after doing the rest of the part can be used in the reading the passage well. 

3. correction of sentence- use the appropriate option to make the sentence correct. ( if u know the correct usage of articles and it will be easy) Analytical 2 questions were similar to the puzzle test in R.S Agrawal(verbal and non verbal) 5 questions were asked on the cube I don?t remember more in this section Its more time consuming.so manage the time. 

Attention to detail 10 questions r very simple . just by looking carefully at the options u get the answer mathematical operations refer to the mathematical operations in verbal resoning by R.S.Agrawal if * stands for 0 and $ stands for 1 and the $ value gets twiced when it is moved to left 5 questions were asked upon this data. Eg: the value of 625 Options were like $$$*** $$*$* and so on C and data structures (40 questions in 40 min) This is very important .They see the minimum qualifing mark in this round So be careful Mostly data structures were asked.

? Program was given and output was asked. 
? And also the options contained the code for the program(inserting a node?.) And some c basic?s. Learning ability A passage will be given to read for 15 minutes and the papers will be taken away Then 10 questions will be asked based on it. Main points 
? Read the passage well 
? See the figure numbers correctly They ask question by just giving the figure no. And also the calculations may also be asked. The results were declared and I cleared the round Technical interview The techinal interviewer asked me to write few programs on c And he almost asked all the topics like Operation systems Information security- authentication,authourisation DBMS Data structures Java Prepare well for all the topics HR Its very simple. 

Just be franck,honest. The questions were very simple Finally I got placed in virtusa Hope u get some help with my experience. Hope to see u soon in virtusa All the best..


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