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HCL Placement Paper Pattern - Bangalore, December 30, 2010.

HCL uses the scores of Aspiring Minds Test. Clearing written is the biggest milestone. If you do so 70% of the work is done.


[1] Written Test
[2] Technical
[3] Personal Interview

The Aspiring minds test for HCL had 4 sections for us. 
English: Correct the sentences
             Reading Comprehension

Quantitative: Time & Distance/Work
                     Pipes & ciserns
                     General Math

C programming: General C concepts & some programs were asked where we    had to find the error or insert some of the extra lines to make the prog meaningful.

Logical Reasoning: Direction Sense
                              Blood Relations
                              Seating arragements
                              Usual logical questions

There was sectional cut off also so we had to make sure we optimize our performance and do well in all sections.

RS AGARWAL is the bible for getting thru these rounds. And to get thru Eng part habit of reading news paper would serve the purpose. 

After you clear Written. Technical round would not be so tough. Genaral questions regarding C or C++ may be asked. Just be more attentitive while you hear the question. Answering wrong or just trying is not a prob, But if you hear the que wrong or dont hear it at all the first time, can make the Interviewer a little irritated.

After u are thru Technical. PI is just a formality.

I had got a really really tough Interviwer for my PI though. The guy took just 3 interviews in the whole day. Complete stress interview. If u face the same thing, just dont break or start fighting with the interviewer, jus keep in mind he is ur God for the moment. He is gonna give u the career, the job, to change ur life for good.

Best Of Luck Guys.


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