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HAL Technical Officer Interview Paper (Kolkata)

14) In aptitude part see through series completion there was a 5-6 no of  that. 

15) No aptitude questing like avg, %, proff-loss, prob, etc. 

16) Sentence correction 2-3. 

17) Why rotor of SCIM is skewed? 

18) Magnetostriction increases- 

19) Good transformer oil contains how much amount of water in ppm? 

20) Lightning over voltage create how much volt? 

21) K/s(s+1)(s+5) then find out the value of K so that system become  stable. 

22) There was a question from definition of Nyquist criteria. 

23) Standing done up to the frequency range of? (audio) 

24) If a square waveform if given to the supply side of a 2wdg transformer  its o/p waveform will be- 

25) SC test done on transformer because- 

26) If a transformer is operating in .8 PF lag & at efficiency of .9, if  now P is .8 lead the efficiency will become. 

27) Interpoles are connected for? 

28) Dielectric strength of air- 

29) A alternator is connected to a grid. Now its prime mover is go slow by  ½. Change in its exiting current to held in synchronism. 

30) Is the strength of capacitor in LPF is increased the op voltage will- 

31) The voltage of a generator and an infinite bus are given 0.92, 10 deg &  1.0, 0 deg resp. the generator acts as a " 

32) A wave will not experience any reflection when impedance of line is  equal to- surge imp 

33) Power transmitted is related to system voltage as- 

34) Delay creator ckt name (multivibrator name actually) 

35) In tachogenerator adjustment is done by- 

36) Surge wave is attended by- (C,L,R) 

37) there was 10 question related to measurement- 

38) Read all electrostatic instrument related question from any competitive  exam book. 

39) Lowest reading in moving iron meter is- 

40) In galvanometer damping is provided by- 

41) In electrodynamic meter a battery & a resistance is provide for- 

42) Megger is used for- 

43) A question like an ac is applied against a moving coil meter it will  reads- 

44) Rectifier type instrument measureswhat value - (Rms) 

45) Advantage of electrostatic instrument is- 

46) Creeping occurs because- 

47) Why 2 holes are drilled oppositely in disc of energy meter. 

48) Energy meter is a _____ type equipment (recording) 

49) There was a question related to selection of a voltmeter based on  accuracy- 

50) Advantage of hay bridge over anderson bridge- 

51) Inductance is measured by " (all the 3 bridge name) . 

52) Potentiometer is which type of instrument- 

53) Which type of motor is used in refrigerator? 

54) Reflection coefficient based problem 1 

55) Corona's advantage-


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