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Oracle - Paper Pattern

ORACLE Placement Paper 

Section 1: 

 1. what is sparese matrices?. give (at least) two methods for implemetation  rather than two dimentional array. 
2.what are cheap locks/latches?. 
3.what is two phase locking?. Name two locks. 
4. What are volatile variables in C?. What is their significance ?. 
5. will these two work in same manner 
 #define intp int * 
typedef int * inpp; 
6. what are binary trees?. what is its use?. 

  Section 2 : 

 A). write header file containing functions used, etc (C),  problem is to maitain a Queue. user has to give size and type of Queue.  This problem is like this I don t remember exactly. 

B). C++ 

1. What is polymorphism? 
2. What is Inheritence?. 
3. Mention four Object Oriented Programming Languages?> 
4. Mention basic concepts of OOP. 
5. What are messages in OOP?. 
6. What is garbase collection?. 
7.what is object?. 
8. what is a class?. 

Section 3: 
 1. expand the following: 
a.SEI b. ISO 
2. what are different levels of SEI?. 
3. What is significance of ISO?> 
4. Expand the following: 
a. WWW 
b. HTTP 
c. HTML 
d. TCP/IP 
5. what is Black box testing?. 
6. explain the following: 
1. white box testing 
2. white box testing 
3. boundary testing 
4 stress 
5. negative 
6. system 
7. unit 

  PART 1: APTITUDE - 10 Q. 

 1. X is taller than Y and Z is shorter than X. Which of the following statements  would be most accurate ? (similar to this) 
 a) Z is taller than Y. 
b) Z is shorter than Y. 
c) Z is as tall as Y. 
d) It is impossible to tell Z or Y is taller. 

 2. A man travels for 12hours 30min. He covers one-third of the journey by train at the rate of 60kmph and two-third of the journey by road at the rate of 30kmph. The distance traveled by him is: 

 3. Excluding stoppages the speed of a bus is 45 kmph. Including stoppages it is 42kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop in two hour? 

 (All the options were under 10.) 

 4. The rates of working of A and B are in the ratio of 9:6. The number of days taken by them to finish the work would be in the ratio of: 

 5. The average of 5 consecutive numbers is n. If the next three numbers are also included, the average will: 

 6. A family consists of a grand father, a father, a mother , five sons and their wives and each son has two son and one daughters. How many males are there in the family ? 

 7. If the number 423 is multiplied by another number and if the answer is 65589. In the above answer if the two 5?s are wrong, what is the correct answer ? (similar with changed figures, not exactly this one.) 

 8. If a ship travels a distance of 20km upstream in 2 hours and downstream in 1 hour. How much time it takes to travel a distance of 30km in still water? 

 9. A sum 650 is divided among A, B, C. If 1/6th of A?s share equal to 1/9th of B?s share it also equal to 1/12th of C?s share, what is the share of B? 

 10. The diameter of the driving wheel of a bus is 140. How many revolutions per min. must the wheel make in order to keep a speed of 66 kmph. 


 1. Which of the following is used in n/w layer of osi model: 
 a) bridge 
 b) router 
 c) repeater 
 d) none of those 

 2. internal fregmentation and external fregmentation are concepts of which memory management: 
 a) paged only 
b) segmented only 
c) paged and segmented respectively 
d) segmented and paged respectively 

 3,4,5. Questions were on Boolean expression simplification of 3 variables. Those were very easy. applied k-map method and got the right answer within seconds. 

 6. in a paged memory, the page hit ratio is 0.35. time required to access a page in secondary memory is equal to 100ns.the time requiredto access a page in primary memory is 10ns. The average time required to access a page is: [similar with changed data, used the basic formula.] 

 7. in an another easy question, three processes were given with their burst time, time quantum was also given, so the question was to find the time in which second process will finish in round-robin scheduling policy. 

 8. one que. on binary tree search like should item must be in ascending or descending order while search. 

 9. one direct que. on RTOS. 

 10. one que. on MUTEX and critical section. 

 11.virtual memory 
 a) greater than physical memory 
b) greater than physical address 
c) less than physical address 
d) equal to physical memory 

   There were 20 questions on ?c?. 
  We were asked to give the o of trickey codes of c language. It?s hard to remember those codes. I can give only idea. Questions were from simple case control, looping constructs, recursion, arrays. some question were asked from bitwise operators. 2-3 theoretical multiple choice ques. were also asked. Not a single code of pointers. 


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