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iGATE PAPER - 21 JUL 2008

Hi Friends

   I am devika of PESSE, I attended the iGATE placement on 21st July, 2008. I was unlucky to get thru it. However, I would like to share the paper with everyone.

The selection process consists of 3 rounds.
1.  Aptitude and verbal round 
2.  Technical round
3.  H.R round.

The question paper has changed as compared to 2007 papers.

All questions are multiple choice questions. There were 50 qs to be answered in 1hr. There are 2 sections.

Qs 1-25 is the Verbal Section. (pretty simple)
Qs 26-50 is the Aptitude Section 

Some of the questions which I remember is as follows.

Question 1-5 
   Comprehension (it was a simple passage and most questions were direct.)

Question 6 and 7
   A sentence was given and meaning of the italicized has to be marked.
   (this was a bit tuff)

Question 8
   Choose the correct sentence 
   A sentence with four different grammar was given.(pretty simple).

Question 9
   Choose the correct sentence
   (this is different from qs 8.) there were 4 different sentences and the one with the correct grammar has to be marked.

Question 10 
   Novel : author :: jewelry :____________

Question 11 & 12
   Fill in with suitable prepositions.

Question 13
   Correct the sentence which is opposite in meaning of impeccable. 

Question 14 & 15
   (These were the easiest)
   tick the one which DOES NOT match with the given address.
1.    Mr.Areen
2.    Mr.Areen
3.    Mr.Areen
4.    Mr.Areen

Question 16 and 17 
Logical reasoning 
Statements are given and 2 conclusions are given… choices given will be as follows.

1.    both I and II follow the statement.
2.    only I follows.
3.    only II follows.
4.    conclusion cannot be made.

Question 18 to 26
   I don’t remember the questions but the questions were really simple.
   (you don’t actually need to prepare for the verbal section.)


Question 26 
   Solve for x

Question 27
   If there were 30 students in a class. The average weight of the first 10 students is 18.9 and the average weight of other 20 is 20.5. what is the average weight of whole class?

Question 28
   If the first days is Monday. (the yr is not a leapyear). Then what is the last day of the year.

Question 29 and 30
   Two dig were given. When both dig are combined what is the pattern that you get? (refer to verbal and non verbal, R.S.Aggarval for these type of qs)

Question 31
   If A and B complete a piece of work in 10 days. B and C can do a piece of work in 11 days and A and C complete a piece of work in 9 days. How many days will B alone take to complete the piece of work?

Question 32 and 33
   It was on venn diagrams. Don’t remember the question. However, it was simple.(refer R.S.Aggarval verbal and non verbal)

Question 35 and 36
   If M+N refers M is father of N
   If M-N refers M is mother of N
   If M*N refers M is wife of N
   If M/N refers M is brother of N
   If M=N refers M is son of N

   Then in the relation P=Q*S+T/U-X=Z
How many males are there?

Other ques was when is A an aunt of B. 4 equations were given and by solving the equations we come to conclusion. (easy but time consuming.)

Question 37    
   Boats and streams prob.

Question 38
   Alligation and Mixture prob

Question 39
   Profit and Loss.
Question 40    
   Prob on trains
Question 41
   If  DICTIONARY is given by TCIDYRANOI then SEASON is given 
(hint: every letter is shifted towards right six places.)

Question 42
   If AMITABH is written as BNJUBCI then DHARMENDRA is written as ________

Question 43
   Time and work problem

Question 44
   Ratio and proportion

Question 45-50
   I don’t remember the questions, sorry.

Books to be referred are R.S.Aggarval (quantitative analysis) and R.S.Aggarval (verbal and non verbal reasoning). These books are more than enough… 

For us cut off was 30 on 50.



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